Growing Green: Buy hemp products, save the planet? (Green Products List)


Growing Green!

Buy hemp products, save the planet?

Green Products List —

Hemp has got to be one of the most underrated and useful textile products in the world. Hemp, when grown and used to make actual industrial hemp products creates more eco-friendly and sustainable products than just about any other plant imaginable — and we are not just talking about growing marijuana for medicinal purposes. We are talking about really useful hemp products like:

  • hemp fabric,
  • hemp clothing,
  • hemp oil,
  • industrial hemp,
  • organic cotton textile products fortified with organic hemp to increase durability
  • hemp sandals,
  • hemp bags,
  • Hemp Seed (yes, to create new plants so farmers can continue to grow more.

Price to grow hemp is right for farmers, because the crops grow quickly and abundantly while adding nourishment to the soil. Products like cars that run on gas, oil, and fossil fuels could technically be running on help oil and biofuel made from the plant derivatives. Fabric made from help is strong yet comfortable to wear — with many people actually preferring the feel of hemp fabrics to cotton.

Green Products are certainly beginning to be more readily available to the consumer market for a reasonable cost. Lately, you can find green products labels at least on one name brand of nearly every aisle of a grocer store. The hemp products are just not starting to get more interesting since eco-friendly products have been endorsed for use by Hollywood elite.

Thanks to the recession and people having a lack of funds to pay for high electric bills, residential home owners people who own commercial are starting to embrace green building and green remodeling ideas — which is fine, because regardless of their intentions (likely to just save money), these smart economists are saving the planet.

Want to know more about Hemp Products and companies who sell hemp for home use and personal fashion with eco-friendly designs?

Check out a few of the hot links that reveal where to buy Hemp products.


Green Gifts: Hemp Products for Eco Friendly People

  1. European Hemp Bed Linens from Rawganique Eco Apparel Ltd.: Chemical-free. Made by Rawganique, the prestigious name in fine organic linens used throughout the world in top green hotels, resorts, and homes of discerning eco-aware folks.
  2. Ladies Long Hoodlamb from the Hempest: This one has all the bells and whistles you could ever hope for. Hemp and Cotton shell loaded with pockets, and lined with patented 100% vegan, cruelty free hemp satifur, adjustable belted waist, detachable fur-lined hood. Same great construction as the regular  Hemp hoodlamb but cut long for those cold winter months.
  3. Earthly Body Wet Set from The Global Hemp Store: Hemp seed oil is renowned for its skin moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. The replenishing  Hemp nutrients are able to penetrate deep into skin cells and provide lasting natural emollients. This is a great natural product for your skin.
  4. Jason Body Care – Hemp Plus Hand & Body Therapy from Bodhi Tree:  Hemp Oil is considered to be the highest in concentration of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). The body cannot produce EFA’s itself and must get them from external sources. EFA’s act to strengthen cell membranes increasing elasticity and resiliency to help your skin fight the visible signs of aging: wrinkles, fine lines and skin that begins to sag and lose definition along the jaw line. JASON’s Hemp Plus products contain 10% moisture rich Hemp. With continued use, you will see a definite improvement in your complexion. Your skin will feel smoother and softer to the touch.
  5. Treehugger Kids Hoody from Soul Flower:  An all-time favorite design, it’s now available on a toddler and youth hoodie. You’re never too young to be a Treehugger! Soul Flower offers eco friendly Hemp products made and printed in the USA. Go Cotton and Hemp!

Know of another great cottage industry or commercial business that sells smart and eco-friendly hemp products that are environmentally safe? Leave their http link or twitter account in the comments section below.


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