Prince Harry spotted on date with green celebrity Charlize Theron?




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Humanitarian Prince Harry spotted out on a date with green celebrity Charlize Theron?

[May 10]

Is there a new royal wedding waiting in the wings? Well, maybe not, but Prince Harry looked pretty darned comfortable palling around with Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron from Monster (2003) on what some celebrity gossip websites was a royal date. The two star celebs were spotted together at a charity polo match that hunky royal Prince Harry was playing in, according to E! Online. And Charlize Theron, dressed in a stunning (as usual) black ensemble looked every bit like royalty. More over, since everyone knows the randy Prince Harry likes super hot blondes, the Hollywood starlet was quite likely to turn his royal head away from that girl the London press gives him so much grief about dating because she is a party girl… what’s her name? Chel… oh, nevermind. Charlize Theron is just too sexy, and the gossip would be just entirely too much fun to write about if she really IS interested in dating Prince Harry.

While it looked almost like a date between the prince and his South African actress company, verified reports have it that Prince Harry is still very much smitten with his own South African beauty, Chelsy Davy. Prince Harry was accompanied by his longtime on-again off-again girlfriend Chelsy as he attended the wedding of his brother, Prince Charles, to Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge last month. As such, alas, the pics of the Prince and Hollywood hottie Charlize Theron might inspire 1,000 words but not be worth them.

But Prince Harry, who was playing in the match for team Sentebale, a charity Prince Harry set up to support the children in Lesotho, a landlocked country in the middle of South Africa. What a champ! So it’s no wonder that rumors started flying when Harry dismounted his steed like a knight following a victorious joust, to catch up with the lady-in-waiting, following a match, as appears to be the case in an image supplied by PopEater. If only she had brought him a silk kerchief to tie to his lance for good luck.

But however much the couple looked comfortable together, most people feel confident that Prince Harry is still on with Chelsy Davis, as the two were partying late into the night following his brother’s wedding. And rumor has it anyway that Charlize Theron has been seeing The Matrix and Point Break star celeb Keanu Reeves.

Oh, well. Minds may wonder, but maybe it’s just withdrawal from all the excitement over the royal wedding. It was just a couple of weeks ago, of course. So the rumor mills are sure to be working overtime. All will be forgiven and forgotten soon enough. But they do look pretty cute together.


Prince Harry isn’t the only green celebrity working for charity. Charlize Theron is a green celebrity with her fingers in all kinds of charity pies, according to LookToTheStars. Among them are work for the Red Cross, PETA, Global Green, Best Friends Animal Society, and her very own charity — the Charlize Theron African Outreach Project.

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