Prince Harry turned off by wild Chelsy Davy, turned on by conservative?




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Prince Harry dumps Chelsy Davy for more conservatively dressed lady?

[Jul. 22]

If you ever wondered the benefits of dating a charming Prince, being a model seeking free publicity might nail you the jackpot if you can woo a royal — if only for a week or long weekend. We can certainly say links to the youngest prince of England have helped to propel at least one model’s career.

Back in June of 2011, Prince Harry issued the equivalent of a fromal press report to confirm claims he is 100% single as the most eligible bachelor in the world. At that time, Styleite reported, “A few days ago he told newspapers that he’s 100 percent single and absolutely not dating anyone, including Duchess Catherine’s little sister Pippa Middleton. Well, it turns out that’s not exactly true — according to people who say they’re in the know, he’s dating a young lingerie and swimwear model named Florence Brudenell-Bruce.”

So what is the big deal about fickle Prince Harry — at his age — hoping to frolic with a cacophony of lovely young girls?

Nothing, exactly. But the new lookbook that features Florence Brudenell-Bruce is so conservative that it is making the press and royal family watchers speculate about whether or not the randy Prince is beginning to eye a different kind of girl.

You see, critics believed a frequently underdressed Chelsy Davy was not the type of girl a Prince should be dating.

The official reports coming from sources at the Royal Palace are not confirming any relationship between Prince Harry and Florence Brudenell-Bruce, but the two love birds have been spotted out partying a bit together, celebrating summer love apparently the past few weeks. And the free press from the Paparazzi tabloids in the UK are helping her land more modeling gigs.

“It looks like Prince Harry’s latest flame Florence Brudenell-Bruce is using her newfound tabloid fame to give her career a little boost…” writes fashion gossip website Styleite.

According to the royal family news report, “The model (and distant cousin to the prince) is featured in Anonymous by Ross+Bute’s fall/winter lookbook… [and the] British born Brudenell-Bruce keeps it conservative in the [fashion photos]…” by wearing what has been described as oversized knit sweaters and very retro looking curve-hugging skirts.

Is Queen Elizabeth likely to give her blessing to Harry is he elects to pursue a serious relationship with a girl like Chelsy Davy or this new girl “Flee” [the funny nickname given to Florence]? No. But what she has done in the past is turn a quiet ear and a blind eye to the lovers of her famous sons and now her grandson. Prince Andrew sewed his wild oats exponentially before being cast into the arranged marriage with the Duchess of Drink Sarah Ferguson and even Prince Charles was forced to marry a very young and not intellectually compatible Princess Diana before he was eventually allowed to marry the scandalous love of his life Camilla.

Do we expect Prince Harry to fall head over heels for a conservatively dressed blonde lingerie model? For a few weeks maybe.

Green Celebrity Stats: Prince Harry

Prince Harry and the Royal Family are all making names for themselves as green celebrities. Whether supporting environmental causes or speaking on behalf of humanitarian charities, the royals bring a great deal of much needed attention to a host of charitable giving opportunities. Most recently, Prince Harry spoke at an event to benefit Help For Heroes, a military non-profit organization. There, he warned that stories about war should not be romanticized to promote young men and women joining the military. Instead of believing in war, the Prince seems more involved in promoting military service to keep the peace. As a military man himself, his appearance and poignant words were historic.


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