Pumpkin Guts: Extreme pumpkin carving design tricks and treats featuring seeds


Go green for Halloween by using all the parts of your pumpkin (including the guts). Extreme pumpkin carving designs recycle the tricky goop into gore while holiday recipes from celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray for roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin bread make healthy snack food treats.

Halloween pumpkin carving can be scary at times, with sharp knives and goopy seed gore making everyone wince. That is, nearly everyone… some of the bravest souls out there this year have pumpkin guts. They are competing with themselves more than each other by creating extreme pumpkin carving designs to delight both parents and kids! The trendiest extreme pumpkins feature a plethora of designs ranging from famous faces to puking pumpkins throwing up their pumpkin innards. But, the tastiest of treats also include cooking pumpkins and eating their seeds!

What to do with pumpkin guts is an age-old question moms and dads have asked for years while carving their kids pumpkin faces into the ripe, round gourds for Halloween. Are pumpkin guts edible? Absolutely. But the stringy stuff is often best saved for the compost heap after you fish out all the seeds. Can you use the goo to make jack-o-lanterns look more scary? “Abso-posi-tutely” as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh would say if he were carving pumpkins so frightful that Christopher Robin would change the name of the Hundred Acre Woods to the Haunted Hallows for Halloween evening.


One of the best ideas we’ve spotted for using pumpkin guts (and helping green your Halloween by not wasting anything came from green celebrity chef Rachel Ray. While she might be famous for her 30 minute meals and for recently teaming up with former US President Bill Clinton through her non-profit organization Yum-O to help improve school cafeteria lunch fare nationwide, her Erupting Pumpkin Guts Ice Cream Soda is one of the scariest looking trick and treat combinations we’ve ever seen! Check out more of her clever ideas for making Halloween treats here — Rachael Ray’s Official Website – Pumpkin Recipes (we promise they are all quick, easy, and best of all — tasty).

The most creative use of pumpkin guts has to be from medical marijuana activists. Cannibis Culture mag is promoting How To Make A Pumpkin Bong. While definitely NOT for the kiddies, the idea to reduce waste and recycle pumpkins by re-purposing is a green Halloween idea that’s clever (even if it is not 100% PC).

Of course, eco-friendly sites like Environment 911 are promoting saving the seeds and pumpkin guts to make into a vegetable stock that can be used or frozen for use in fall or winter harvest stews. “Don’t Throw Out That Pumpkin!” proclaims the website. Don’t worry — we won’t… because when it comes to using pumpkin guts creatively — whether to eat or use to make our decorations more scary — not wasting goop is what we do.


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