Why did Paris Hilton buy a red Ferrari, not a green exotic car?


Now that her reality TV show is over, Paris Hilton seems to be wandering around the world aimlessly. Now, she will be doing it in a brand spankin’ new Ferrari that only gets 13 MPG and is not eco-friendly.

Who is Paris HiltonReality TV star Paris Hilton is having a tough year. Her reality television show was cancelled when she could not go up the Kardashian sisters machine. When Kim Kardashian got engaged to NBA basketball player Kris Humphries, things went south for the heiress. As the Kim K wedding fast approached, viewers turned off the blonde’s channel and started watching to see what many said were the American equivalent of royals getting married. Despite the fact that the Kardashians killed the romance with Humphries in only 72 short days (leaving her filing for a divorce just before Halloween), the celebrity couple were married on air and popular just long enough to get corporate execs to pull the plug on Paris partying on cam.

Now that her reality show is over, Paris Hilton — who is known for being a socialite — seems to be wandering around the world aimlessly. Perhaps she’s been taking a vacation from doing anything interesting, but it is more likely she simply has not done much lately that is media coverage worthy. [After all, there are only so many years on responds to headlines that scream See This Celeb On The Beach In A Bikini.]

That is, until the Thanksgiving holiday weekend when she went out and bought a new car for Black Friday.

TMZ was one of the first entertainment news sites to report Paris Hilton bought a Ferrari. They say, “Dressed in black from head-to-toe, Paris Hilton took her brand new, bright red, 2012 Ferrari California Spyder out for a spin last night in Beverly Hills.”

[Spyder is just a fancy way to say convertible, in case you did not know.]

According to the celeb gossip magazine, Paris had the $277,500 ride delivered to her house in sunny California yesterday afternoon, begging the green car question, “Why, Paris… why?”

You see, Hilton, in a blonde moment of genius, came out in the past to encourage people to buy eco-friendly cars. She’s given her celebrity endorsement to electric cars, hybrid cars, and automobiles that use alternative fuels. In a day and age where she could have had her name on the list of buy a hot Fisker Karma (a new exotic car that is coming out), an electric Rolls Royce Phantom, or even some new cutsie car like the Fiat 500 everyone has seen pop music diva Jennifer Lopez endorse, she bought a regular old red exotic car.

Doesn’t Paris Hilton know that if she wants to get her name in the press, she has to stand out from the crowd?

While the Ferrari brand is known for being the top of the line in import Italian sports cars, the Ferrari California model (2012 or not) is looked upon in car circles as having a bit of a wide asre, as a “starter Ferrari” (for a first time exotic car buyer), and simply is cheaper than any of their other new cars.

It would be like buying a Cimarron back in the day instead of a full-sized Cadillac.

To that end, Paris Hilton not only bought a gas-guzzling sports car when she could have bought a hot green exotic car but she bought one that car guys know is sort of a throw away ride for wannabe car girls. The Ferrari California starts at $190,000 and most average out (with options) somewhere near two and a quarter.

The Ferrari California gets 13 MPG in the city, 19 MPG on the highway. If she’s not dogging the Italian beauty, she can expect to get an expensive 15 MPG average combined.

The electric Rolls Royce phantom takes 8 hours to charge and goes 125 miles. It is a little more pricey (starting at $380,000), but totally a car you could own and drive for the next 50 years and still look classy if you maintained it.

Had she been and even more pragmatic green celebrity who was PC smart, she should have bought a second-hand American-made Tesla Roadster with low miles, it is an electric car. [Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio have all been spotted driving one.] It goes roughly 245 miles per charge and is the only all-electric vehicle that is freeway legal in all 50 states. Its selling point falls somewhere between $146,000 to $161,000 and some change. Now, granted, she is a little hard to get in an out of (especially in a skirt) because the body is basically that of a Lotus Elise — but considering the fact that Paris Hilton got famous making amateur porn movies and rolling about on the hood of a black Bentley while she soaped it up car wash style to sell Hardee’s cheeseburgers, a little up skirt shot of Paris now and again would not be anything the general public hasn’t already seen.

Had she waited to buy something new, she could have used her hotel chain heiress powers to get her name on the list for that Fisker Karma. The standard version is expected to price out at around $95,900 while the sport edition (the cooler of the two in sports car terms) will run about $108,900. It is a hybrid with two electric motors and one 2 liter turbo-charged direct injection motor [a General Motors eco-tech engine design, to be exact]. That hot little number will go about 80 kilometers on electric alone but 403 kilometers on hybrid power. The car’s top speed will be roughly 120 miles per hour — a respectable limit for driving in the United States where highway speeds only go up to 70 MPH without risking a speeding ticket.

While the Ferrari California will do 193 MPH, the wow factor simply is not there when you consider part of the way Paris has gotten free press was by promoting eco-friendly cars in recent years. But, alas, while she should have bought a green exotic car this year to keep any semblance of cool factor going in the green gossip community — at least she won’t be driving her diamond-crusted Barbie pink Bentley Continental GT. That huge land yacht only gets roughly 12 MPG – 19 MPG (the same gas mileage as her new Ferrari) but man… it is so gaudy.


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