Prince William and Kate Middleton New Years Eve party animal skin theme?


Nothing says Happy New Year quite like an animal skin theme party, right? Apparently if you are Pippa Middleton and have an unlimited party planning budget. Whether the royal family wanted to get their names in the green news headlines for spending New Years Eve partying in a huge teepee like savages, they did it. Were the primitive looking outdoor party tents really made of real animal skins (like their traditional predecessor versions) and not waxed canvas made using vegan-approved modern scientific methods of craftsmanship? If so, that’s pretty archaic, thoughtless, and quite frankly disgusting. But we just can’t help ourselves from still giving kudos to these humanitarian and pet-friendly UK star celebs.

Prince William and Kate MiddletonPrince William and Kate Middleton celebrated New Year’s Eve in a rather nontraditional style. Rather than partying it up like savages at young William’s father’s estate in Aberdeen, Scotland, the famous royal couple pitched a tent in the back yard of the Middleton family home in Berkshire, England. Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton served as the hostess, a business with which she is well familiar. After all, the Middleton’s are known for owning a huge family party planning business in London, England! So what was so right (and equally so wrong) about the local wild life partying?

Remarkably for the charitable celebrity couple was their choice of accommodation to host their royal family festivities. The tent, a tee-pee style kata selected by Pippa, according to People, was a rather low-budget and fiscally conservative tent rental choice for the royals. At a price of only $5,000 (3,000 GBP), it served to house a dance floor and room for about 100 guests.

But what most expected to be a typical waxed canvas palace allegedly turned out to be made of real animal hides.

Clearly to anyone paying attention to the animal rights discussion that centers around the royals over their insistence on continuing the tradition of hunting animals for fun and sport, this was a disturbing choice. To some who may otherwise appreciate the couple’s focus on environmental sustainability and other green lifestyle efforts, it is hard to defend their lifestyle when they so blatantly would make such a poor PC decision.

PETA people, the animal rights activists, surely will take issue if the news report they royal family rented a giant animal hide tent is true. As it flies in the face of animal welfare, how could they not make mention of it?

ABC news reported the royal family news about how the royal couple spent their New Years Eve celebration:

For the royal newlyweds, spending the evening in a tent (albeit a pricey one) in the family backyard is very different than the formal affair Prince William and Middleton had been expected to attend with his father Prince Charles and Camilla at their country estate in Aberdeen, Scotland.

We’re crossing our fingers here at GCN the rumor mills reports that Pippa chose animal skins as her party theme was totally bogus. Just think about how hard they have been recently on star celebs like Kim Kardashian and Janet Jackson for wearing fur coats. Imagine what they would say about them if they actually made a tent of real furs and partied under it!

The Daily Mail UK is reporting the unique party tent was traditionally supposed to be made of real animal hides, saying:

Prince William and Kate marked their first New Year as man and wife with the Middletons – in a tent traditionally used by reindeer herders in Lapland.

Their teepee-style ‘kata’ was hired from an upmarket events firm by Kate’s sister Pippa for a party she hosted in her parents’ back garden in Berkshire.

The animal hides mock teepee celebration followed Kate’s first royal Christmas as the UK’s most beloved new member of the royal family.

Animal Skin Tent Rental for Royal Family photo_credit Daily Mail UKThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended two church services with the Queen, just a short drive from her home at Sandringham, Norfolk. But hanging out with the royals does not seem to bother Katie a bit after spending the last 10 years of her life essentially with them as arm candy for her handsome Prince William.

Kate Middleton appeared at ease during what Daily Mail photos revealed to be a more casual function, chatting with children who attended the New Years Eve celebration following the services before enjoying a traditional turkey lunch with the royal family.

Shortly before Christmas, the famous royal couple took an opportunity to put in a little more of their not-so free time doing more humanitarian charity work, visiting young people at Centrepoint, a charitable organization that helps homeless youths.

People reported:

The royal couple plan to take part in a healthy cooking session at a Centrepoint project in South London, attend a performance from the winner of a Centrepoint’s Got Talent show, and catch a group session of the charity’s “Workwise” program.

If rumors are true, Kate Middleton and Prince William may be keeping their activities a little more low-key in the near future. Speculation that Kate is pregnant leaves many admirers wondering if this will be the first and last time that the royal couple will celebrate the holiday season as a family of two.

On a positive note, Kate Middleton did capitulate to PETA requests she not participate in a recent fox hunt with Prince William. Although she declined to go after hearing in depth about the wild animal treatment, he still went. But we still love him for all the charity benefit work he does top help save the humans and the environment around the world. And Kate, of course, we love for her willingness to recycle her celebrity fashion by wearing the same outfits and classic wardrobe accessories in a variety of ways again and again.

And, of course, the Queen does absolutely love and dote on her cute pack of Welsh Corgi dogs. Insiders who know the family think it’s cute the celebrity senior scoops them kibble with her bare hands when she feeds the playful pups they goodies in the wee hours of the morning to help quiet their barking.


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