Disney princess Selena Gomez new green tech queen of the Internet?


Selena Gomez is retiring from her role on the Disney Channel hit television show The Wizards of Waverly Place. They wrapped up filming during the first month of 2012. Here’s a quick good news report about the young teen scene celebrity and what she plans on doing in the coming year. After all, the princess has graduated to queen of the internet since she hit the jackpot and started dating Justin Bieber — so fans are delighted to know that she can virtually write her own ticket now when it comes to cherry picking new acting roles in movies. Did you know she already has over 25 million social networking fans (and she is not even twenty years old yet)? That’s part of the reason why she plans to invest in green tech.

Who is Selena GomezWhile fans are disappointed to see Wizards of Waverly Place come to an end, and she acknowledges that she could keep doing the show, and also thinks of fellow cast and crew as a family with which she spent more time than her family at home, the green celebrity wants to move on to other projects.

Disney princess Selena Gomez has said goodbye to Emmy winner Wizards of Waverly Place, which ended filming on January 6th, 2012.

So what is she doing with her time now that the series, one of the longest Disney originals ever broadcast, has aired its final episode?

First, she claims she will be shifting gears with regard to her professional aspirations. The star celeb says she’s putting her pop music career and work with her band members on hiatus. Why? Because she has some new movies she wants to work on in 2012. A darker role twist for UNICEF‘s youngest ever Goodwill Ambassador will be in the upcoming Spring Breakers, and rumor has it that she is involved with another film, Hot Mess.

Regarding her next steps with regard to her singing and acting career, MTV reported (video interview with E! here):

“We’re going to take a break from music,” Gomez told E! News. “My band and I are going to chill on that for a second. I’ll be doing two films in the beginning of [2012], which I’m excited about. They are both different and things I’ve never played before and will be fun for me.”

Second, she’s paying attention to the road of life and the gifts the universe has brought her to replace her Disney backed projects.

Since she started dating Justin Bieber she has become quite the queen of the Internet — with a huge number of followers and fans. As such, furthering her acting career won’t be her only project for the new year. Also among her upcoming “projects” she plans to invest both time and money in a tech company — one that uses the eco-friendly Internet to make money while saving the environment by not creating quite as much pollution to do what was once based in the use of toxic chemicals and killed trees to make paper products in processing plants.

USA Today reported that the famous actress and singer is moving in the direction of social media tech. The tech friendly celeb had found an app, Postcard on the Run, for her phone, and questioned why it wasn’t a bigger deal, so she contacted the company. Selena is a big fan of photo apps to add effects to her pictures, and Postcard on the Run allows the user to do just that, producing in the end a product that can print out a physical post card to send. Rather than buying postcards, they users can use recycled paper in their printer at home to create personalized post cards instead.

“I’m about memories. I like keeping everything in my mind, especially traveling. It’s about saving the memory forever,” she said.

And remember she shall, Wizards fans. The star celeb who helped raise over $1 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has said she reads constantly. Twitter that is. She’s very much in touch with her fans. “I read as much as I can. Sometimes I don’t respond…I just read my @replies. They’re sweet and encouraging,” she said.

So keep hitting up the young humanitarian with social networking questions and comments. She’s interested in what you have to say, and we here at GCN will be keeping an eye out as well, to keep everyone up to date on what’s on this star celeb’s plate. Besides, she is far more fun to read about that former Disney Princess Britney Spears. While Brit-Brit might be the most popular celebrity on the new social networking site Google Plus, the more wholesome Miss Gomez still has more loyal followers who interact with her daily on Twitter.

As for her for her follower stats at the time of this article’s publication, USA today (who calls her a, “Tech investor, social media maven”) seems to think that she is the celebrity most likely to make a go of a high-tech gamble investment. The popular mainstream media outlet reported to their business readers that, “Teen sensation Selena Gomez has a lot of friends: a whopping 9 million who follow her on Twitter, and 25 million who “Like” her on Facebook.”

Hopefully, anyone investing in her star power will remember them — as they have the power to harness enormous profits for the Disney Princess if her gadgets and apps are a hit. Should she make an even bigger fortune than she already has, she’s also likely to donate a fair portion of the profits back to worth causes. The pet-friendly celebrity famous for taking in six rescue dogs and raising big money to help feed the hungry is a humanitarian worth supporting as a marketing brand.


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