Turning 30 easy for Kate Middleton thanks to Royal Family birthday party


Did you know the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is actually older than her new husband Prince William? The dynamic new addition to the Royal Family just turned 30-years-old in January of 2012, but the milestone birthday was no problem for her to pass without lament. Why? Most likely in part due to the warm welcome she has received from her new in-laws. The Queen of England and Prince Charles have welcomed her to the family, as has her brother-in-law Prince Harry. They celebrated her birthday by throwing her a private party.

Kate Middleton 30Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton turned 30 years young on Monday (hubby Prince William will turn 30 in June) and the world is abuzz about what she may have received for her first birthday as a royal. Most reports however say the new royal kept her birthday bash low-key and quite simple, with dinner provided by a favorite chef.

Us Weekly reported:

When Duchess Kate turned 30 on Monday, she kept the celebration (her first birthday as a royal) simple. “[She] had a quiet gathering with family and friends on Monday evening,” a Palace aide tells Us Weekly. “The dinner was held within private quarters at one of the properties situated by their home at Kensington Palace.”

Although all reports say Kate Middleton is acclimating smoothly to her new life as a royal and a world celebrity, it seems the Duchess really does like to keep things simple, much like she did with her family lunch with the royals on Christmas and her outdoor dance party on New Year’s Eve.

The Huffington Post reported:

“She’s done very well, playing a very good supporting role to Prince William and complementing him as part of a team,” said Robert Jobson, author of “William and Kate: The Love Story.” `’We’ve not seen much of her, but when she’s in public she has performed with aplomb.”

However, E! Online reported that an insider suggested Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton, a party planner who organized the New Year’s Eve festivities, organized an 80s-themed bash, with karaoke and cocktails to ring in the duchess’ fourth decade. Other sources however have suggested that the royal family insisted on no hijinks.

While reps for the royal couple have declined to comment on the specific happenings at the private affair, or on the gifts Kate Middleton may (or may not) have received, rumors suggest Prince William may have commissioned an oil painting of his wife for her 30th birthday. Kate, in typical humanitarian fashion, has asked that well-wishers donate to charity in lieu of sending her any expensive or luxury gifts.

Kate Middleton supports a variety of charities, including BeatBullying, Starlight Children’s Foundation, and the charity organization she began with hubby Prince William, the Royal Wedding Charity Fund. It’s a cinch that any of these charities would gladly receive donations on behalf of the duchess for her birthday.

But is there anything else going on? Royal watchers the world over are hoping this may be the last birthday Kate has before announcing her pregnancy. The rumor mills have been hard at work, citing Kate’s love of children and her motherly charm, but so far no word on whether the royal couple is planning to get pregnant anytime soon.

But maybe before she turns 31?

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