Barack Obama demands to see Betty White’s birth certificate (video clip)


The video clip is not a spoof. United States President Barack Obama actually made a funny video to wish pet friendly actress Betty White a happy 90th Birthday. Seeming to put the entire ‘birther’ issue behind him that made such sensational entertainment news headlines when Celebrity Apprentice reality television show host Donald Trump forced him to produce the long form of his birth certificate to prove he was really an American born in the state of Hawaii, the pres joked he wanted to see her birth certificate proving she is 90.

Who is Betty WhiteActress Betty White just turned 90-years-old in January of 2012. The pet friendly advocate for animal rights and beloved comedic actress has won the hearts of Hollywood elite for years. Enjoying one of the longest working careers in Hollywood history, she has not only been a national treasure. Ms. White has also won friends over in Washington. That’s why United States president Barack Obama sent her a special Happy Birthday letter and agreed to make a video tribute to compliment her.

During her 90th birthday celebration, a live studio audience gathered at a red carpet event to honor her. It was during that show a video clip segment of Barack Obama writing out his letter to Betty White first aired. Claiming she was so energetic and (essentially) youthful that he could not believe she is really 90-years-old, he demanded to see her long form birth certificate.

His joke was actually quite funny in light of the birth issue surrounding his true nationality.

When Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump took aim at the president and demanded to see his long form birth certificate, Barack Obama did not find it amusing. However, after demanding Betty White show him hers, the funny politician got a little grin on his face, popped in iPod ear phones, and began bobbing his head in time with the music for the “Golden Girls” television series.

In that moment, the allegedly Hawaiian-born U.S. leader looked as if he had finally made peace with all he allegations Trump and other political rivals and opponents made saying he was Kenyan.

Granted, there is still some suspicion that he really was not born in the United States. After all, there is still the troublesome first hand account of a grandparent that witnessed his birth in Kenya and that troubling speech made by Michelle Obama herself early in their marriage where she bragged about her African born immigrant husband being able to rise up as a successful American politician… but hey, who’s listening?

What is for certain, Betty White has aged like a fine wine over time. We wish her all the best with her new television series and acting projects and thank her for her tireless dedication to helping animal rescue shelters over the years take care of stray pets.

Betty White has done lots of volunteer charity work over the years. A few of the charities she has given her celebrity endorsement to while using her star power wisely include (but are not limited to) the St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters (a humanitarian organization dedicated to helping the homeless and impoverished that is a fav charity of stars like Sting and Elton John), PAWS/LA (an animal rights organization), and the Morris Animal Foundation.

Like Betty White (who loves her Golden Retriever named Pontiac), Barack and his wife Michelle Obama are both animal lovers. The White House dog, Bo [a black Portuguese Water Dog] is said to run the show with the family and their two girls at home.


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