Vanessa Pardis dissed People magazine and the Queen while defending Depp


Actor Johnny Depp is extremely talented, there is no doubt, but when it comes to connecting with fans and the media he’s become increasingly reclusive the past 14 years. Since he failed to participate fully in the dog and pony show that is known as Hollywood’s award season in 2012 thus far, new rumors about his personal life have been swirling on the internet. When People magazine made Johnny Depp and allegations he’s living in a dead-end romance their cover story, his long time girlfriend Vanessa Pardis got angry. But was she right to diss the tabloids, the people at People magazine, and the Queen of England to prove her point that she’s firmly got her claws in Johnny?

Who is Vanessa Pardis Vanessa Pardis managed to diss the Queen of England and the entertainment news writers over at People magazine during a celebrity interview with the French Press. When asked point-blank if the latest rumors about the model and her baby daddy movie star boyfriend Johnny Depp were true, she got a bit indignant with them before denying any truth in it. “It depends which rumor,” Paradis replied to the journalist (pretending not to know that the rumor mill reports were circulating that say Johnny Depp is miserable and lonely, living in a loveless relationship). Taking aim at People magazine, she went on to say, “Here, this is one which could hurt my family. After that … they say that we have 52 houses in France, we separate in winter, we get married every summer. Me, I’m in my 12th pregnancy.”

Pretending she was Newt Gingrich — the Republican GOP presidential hopeful who seems to have won the South Carolina primary because he deflected a question about his family values and ethics by directly attacking the media for their line of questioning — she took further aim at the tabloid media.

Throwing in a huge jab at the Queen of England, the aging green celebrity senior, she said, “All this is, I don’t know, because the Queen of England didn’t lose her teeth this week and there’s nothing happening.”


What a big celebrity OOPS moment for the French model to insult the media, fans who read about them faithfully online, and to take aim at one of England’s Royal Family member’s advancing age so poignantly.

According to Vanessa Paradis, anyone who would dare question the status of her relationship with actor Johnny Depp, now age 48, must be out to get her.

“And to finish the rumors off, they are false?” asked the program’s host, Michel Denisot.

“Yes, they are false,” she replied (we suspect haughtily).

So says People magazine — who stand by their insider sources who revealed to the famous tabloid magazine that Johnny Depp is on the verge of emotional collapse because his whole world has revolved around his very private relationship with Vanessa Pardis.

Now, people finally understand why Vanessa Pardis rarely gives celebrity interviews — and folks have a glimpse of the haughty negativity that Depp probably deals with on a daily basis.

If she’s his only source of emotional support and inspiration, then its pretty easy to understand why he has been so elusive and fails to connect on an emotional level with his fan base that feeds them both.

To the accusation that all media reports are written with the intention of hurting (rather than helping celebrities), there is only one proper response on this particular occasion…

God save the Queen.

No wonder those two star celebs were not invited to the Royal Wedding. Reading her remarks was very disappointing.

Just saying.


Because during those few brief moments she could have given compliments to her life partner Johnny Depp for how hard he works, for all the great films he has made, and what a wonderful and loving father he is to their two children. She could have denied the rumors and said they are madly in love — but they both enjoy their time alone to rest, relax, and recharge their batteries. She also could have used the free press to make mention of any one of the charities and causes he’s faithfully promoted.

But she didn’t.

So, the entire interview came off as pointless, narcissistic, arrogant, argumentative, elitist, and quite frankly bitchy.

Once would think she could have been a bit more gracious to people who have helped both she and Johnny Depp get choice roles in Hollywood and to live the glam lifestyle of the world’s most eccentric rich and famous.


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