Could eco-friendly Karma help Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore reunite?


February is notorious for red, the color of millions of heart-shaped boxes and dozens of roses exchanged in honor of Valentine’s Day. However, it seems Ashton Kutcher’s favorite new color is green lately. He’s been spotted tooling around town in California driving a silver 2012 Fisker Karma. That’s a very cool green exotic car to be driving — even for a celebrity! While Demi Moore has been busy in rehab hoping to improve her overall health (like her reps say), once she gets out, she might want to get her own little Fisker Karma to drive and do her part to keep the planet healthy too. Here’s news about his Super Bowl tweets praising Madonna and his latest passion for going green.

Ashton Kutcher drives a Fisker KarmaCelebrity Ashton Kutcher was one of the celebrities who took to Twitter during the 2012 Superbowl to support green celebrity Madonna. During the half time show where she was performing live, the man who has been pretty silent on Twitter tweeted out props to the older pop singer. MTV was one website that noticed his praise of the pretty blonde 53-year old woman, saying, “Kutcher was another fan of the pop titan’s high-energy performance as he confessed, “#fact Madonna is crushing it!” But aside from admiring older women other than his estranged wife Demi Moore, many people have been wondering what else the star celeb has been up to lately.

Apparently, Ashton Kutcher’s real life personality when not on the Warner Bros. Studio TV set of Two And A Half Men shares the same discerning taste for cars as his TV persona Walden Schmidt. Like the actor, his character also drives a brand new green exotic car called a Fisker Karma which has been featured on the show. Ashton’s name has been in the news a lot since he replaced actor Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom and then split from his celebrity wife. That may be why he got busted for cheating on his wife Demi Moore so easily — because all eyes were on him and his mistress Sarah Leal was eager to share the story of their tryst with tabloid magazines. Kutcher is not a total bad guy though. Not only has he done tons of charity work over the years, but he’s been a fan of green vehicles for some time.

Since making a mint landing the television series gig, apparently his taste in cars has gone from driving more modest vehicles to buying more attractive — even exotic looking — hybrid vehicles. Following a buying trend set by green celebrity actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Kutcher is rumored to have laid down some big green cash to buy a new car — the Karma by Fisker.

Leonardo DiCaprio was smart to set the trend to buy green cars. Since he has the income to pick and choose among the many sports cars, exotic cars, green cars, and luxury cars on the market, motorsports enthusiasts were surprised when he started driving a Toyota Prius.

After the runaway car incident, DiCaprio actually came out and endorsed the Tesla Roadster for a bit. But, since they halted production to focus on their larger vehicle, it looks like he’s made the right choice when bringing home the very first eco-friendly Karma.


Because not only is it an incredibly sexy car that will look stunning making a green political statement when he arrives in it to step out on the red carpet, his very PC buying decision is likely to influence other Hollywood stars and starlets the same way it has Ashton Kutcher. If they bought a matching set of Fisker Karma’s, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore would be joining the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, star celebs who are both doing their part to practice an eco-friendly lifestyle by driving green cars! [Matt Damon also endorsed the Tesla Roadster and is said to be interested in the Fisker Karma, too.]

Ashton’s been busy partying in Brazil the past few weeks but he’s back in California now. His wife Demi suffered a health crisis that landed her in rehab. Since he’s flown home to be by her hospital beside after her drug induce seizure scare, it is obvious that he still cares. So, we here at GCN have a romantic Valentine’s Day reconciliation suggestion for the celebrity couple.

It would seem she’d have a lot more fun taking the sporty Karma for a spin up the coast with Ashton as “therapy” than she ever did doing Whip-Its, drinking heavily, and smoking Spice in her kitchen at her celebrity home with her celebrity friends.

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature while traveling a scenic route in California would be the perfect getaway for the overly stressed stars once she’s able to leave the hospital. The metaphysical touches of beauty in the new vehicle (like the use of 100 per cent sustainably-sourced wood which has been elegantly re-crafted into the beautiful interior of the Fisker Karma EV) might bring the celebrity couple some good karma as well if they meditate on their past life together, together.

The Karma EV comes with an electric motor but driving distance for a long road trip can be greatly expanded by the General Motors gas engine. At $104,850.00 MSRP, the Finnish-made eco-friendly green exotic car can travel more than 380 miles before it needs charging. That’s all the power one needs to escape to the relaxation and solitude one needs to regenerate the soul. We expect to see more celebrities and public figures bringing home the wonderful plug-in Karma EV.

And, if Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are not able to work their marital problems out and do, in fact, go through with the divorce, she can always buy her own Fisker Karma to drive around town. Even if there was no pre-nup in place when they got married, she and he are worth roughly the same amount of money right now — so the California divorce court 50/50 law would leave each no worse off.

Unless, that is, his friendly tweets catch the attention of Madonna. In that case, he’d be fresh meat for the only cougar who is more famous than his wife for enjoying the company of young men. An affair with her (the pop music star) would certainly bring his romance with Demi [and most likely any future chance of amicable friendship with her] to an abrupt end.


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