Taylor Lautner not considered celebrity teen anymore? (Twilight Trivia)


What’s the unfortunate news about Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner? The fact that we can’t call him a celebrity teen anymore. The werewolf from the Twilight movie series celebrated his 20th birthday on Saturday, February 11th — the same day legendary singer Whitney Houston died. Of course that sad bit of trivia won’t stop teen and tween girls from going gaga over the hunky werewolf star celeb (or his vampire co-star Robert Pattinson) anytime soon. Here’s the latest romance news about who the hot male actor has dated (just in time for Valentine’s Day) including gossip about gay rumors and his romance with Grammy award winner Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift dated Taylor LautnerHere’s a bit of Twilight trivia for you that you can use to impress your teenage kids and grandkids. Regale them with tales of Taylor Lautner‘s romance history by talking about all the hot girls in Hollywood he’s dated — including Grammy performer Taylor Swift! She knocked her live music performance out of the park while she sang and played what looked to be a 5 string banjo all by herself during the 2012 awards show.

The country music singer was one lovely lady who was interested romantically in actor Taylor Lautner in the past — that is until the two spent some time together away from Hollywood. Now they are just friends and gossip reports say that the hot young singer who preformed so well at the 2012 Grammys just did not have any chemistry with him. Had the two star celebs officially hooked up, there is no doubt she would have been able to avoid that whole unpleasant business with actor Jake Gyllenhaal that put her in tears over the 2010 Christmas holidays. But, looking on the bright side of things, she managed to make a friend in the Twilight star and write a smashing new break-up theme music hit that made her more famous in 2011!

Lautner [quite possibly in response to tabloid pressure to date a girl after actor Robert Pattinson kissed him at the MTV movie awards on the lips in front of actress Kristen Stewart] did have a brief fling with Abduction co-star Lilly Collins, 19, but he broke that relationship off shortly after their film Abduction debuted. According to E! Online, that romance was almost a complete flop in the sparks department, too.

As for other women on the horizon that the actor might be taking out to dinner or on a romantic date for Valentine’s day in 2012, there does not seem to be anyone that has caught his eye so much as of late.

Does that mean Taylor Lautner is destined to be “Out and Proud” someday? Or is it more likely the hot young male celeb just not found the right woman to spark his interest yet?

Rumor mills reporters who think he is gay and lying about it might try to have you believe the charitable celebrity just hasn’t come out of the closet yet. They expect him to follow in the footsteps of Latin Grammy winner Ricky Martin who tried for years to keep his sexual identity a secret. He is now the proud father of two adorable kids he’s raising with another man.

Lautner insists any rumors that he is a closet homosexual or openly gay already around his family and friends are simply untrue. More than being worried about the career damage coming out might do, his agents are most likely worried he’s going to be forever typecast in the role of wolf-boy (and at that, he’s not even an Alpha). [That can be problematic when you are trying to get more parts playing a dark and brooding character or macho super hero.]

People are even saying that talking about gay rumors like they are true when a celeb has denied reports is a form of cyber bullying.

But the mega hit Twilight franchise has not caused the former teen Taylor Lautner to be typecast playing the character Jacob Black just yet.

Although his teen years earned him his fame because fans cheered for Team Jacob, the boy came into his own as a stand alone silver screen star before hitting the big Two-Oh. By playing the lead role in the movie Abduction (2011), he proved he could play the lead in an action movie on his own without relying on co-star support from Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart. He played the hero, saved the day, and did his best to look like a heterosexual young man with great bravado.

Granted, the box office sales for the film were really poor and Robert Pattinson has made several more interesting movie appearances in films like Water For Elephants with Reese Witherspoon and guest appearances in the Harry Potter movie series, but Lautner (who once played Shark Boy as a kid) is striving to hold his own.

These days, the newly minted 20-something star celeb is busy promoting the upcoming 2012 Twilight series finale Breaking Dawn 2, scheduled for a November 16, 2012, release. But on top of that, Lautner had to drop out of an offer to play superhero Stretch Armstrong because of scheduling conflicts, reported MTV. And E! Online said he turned down Max Steel now as well.

Apparently Lautner is stepping away from the Hollywood teen movie scene for a time to work on an independent film with Oscar winner Gus Van Sant (the director and screenwriter who won the Academy Award for Best Director for his 1997 film Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon). We’ll keep you posted about that as more movie news surfaces, but we hope he takes some acting lessons before he does it.

But best wishes to Taylor Lautner on graduating to formal adulthood, no longer a celebrity teen but remaining a teen scene celebrity. We hope he continues supporting the Lollipop Theater Network to help sick kids with the magic of theater, and maybe even chooses a few more humanitarian causes to devote his adult time to as he ages. If you are looking for a way to reach out to the star to send him your love this Valentine’s day, consider making a donation to charity in his name.

And, even though it’s a bit late, Happy Birthday from GCN. If you had been at the Grammys in 2012 with Taylor Swift, we would have said it in person. Cheers, man…


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