Bill O’Reilly and Dr. Drew attacking Angelina Jolie weight in the press?


Seriously, Dr. Drew? You think Angelina Jolie looked malnourished at the 2012 Oscars? Haven’t you been paying attention to the celebrity gossip columns lately — the ones written by fans of the green celebrity? Everyone has been concerned watching her weight dip after having her twins and taking on her film project. Making her directorial debut has been rough on her, but by the time she hit the red carpet at the Academy Awards, the actress has actually gained weight — not lost it. You try being her, traveling to third world countries as much as she does, raising six celebrity kids that are all happy and healthy, and then come talk to us about when you had time to snack.

Angelina Jolie Leg Dress PosesHLN cable channel talk show host Dr. Drew Pinsky says actress Angelina Jolie looks malnourished. Oh really? Basing his expert medical opinion on how Angie looked in her black ball gown with the thigh-high slit she wore to the Oscars in February of 2012, he told his viewing audience that she looks not only too thin but implied she looked sick. What’s more, Republican mouthpiece Bill O’Reilly from Fox Network is also on the attack, criticizing the actress about — get this — how she looked in a dress.

Jolie’s dress and appearance is still making headlines after she struck what the Daily Mail claims was an absurd pose as a joke between she and lover Brad Pitt. “Almost a week since her notorious pose while presenting at the 84th Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (February 26, 2012)…” she is still the one celebrity the women won’t stop talking about and the men who saw the show can’t forget.

She caused quite a stir by showing off her long legs by wearing a dress with a near hip-high slit with her one leg stuck out in the funniest pose. which has since become an internet sensation – but some observers have criticized her slim figure.

Contact Music noted that the first political commentator to weigh in on the debate over whether or not Angelina Jolie looked great in the dress or too skinny was none other that Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly. Clearly an expert in fitness and fashion, he claimed to offer a “reality check” for the 36-yer-old star on his Monday night program ‘The O’Reilly Factor’.

O’Reilly said, “Is it just me or is she looking mighty slim these days? Emaciated even? Once again the media largely ignoring Ms. Jolie’s physical profile, but she is a role model for some women. I mean, she is slight. Let’s hope it’s nothing unusual”.

[Yes, we certainly heard the concern in your voice, Bill, for the green celebrity wonder woman who is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN.]

Jolie’s height and weight became an trending topic on Twitter the minute she and Brad hit the red carpet, with critics noticing she looked thin and fans noting she seems to have actually gone up a dress size. “During the night of the Oscars, with the subject [#ANGELINAJOLIE] generating some 3,999 tweets per second, according to…” the discussion drew Dr. Drew’s attention.

Never one to miss discussing his views on any trending topic, Dr. Drew chimed in…

“Pinsky was the next to criticize the star on his show ‘Dr Drew’, showing footage of Angelina and telling viewers, “My eye tells me that she is dangerously malnourished”. The actress – whose movie In The Land of Blood and Honey was snubbed by the Academy – was there to present honors for Best Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay, while supporting her partner Brad Pitt, who was nominated for ‘Moneyball’…” noted Contact Music.

What do you think? Was Dr. Drew out of line to discuss her weight on national television or with the press along with everyone else or should he have kept his mouth shut about her weight as someone who professes to be a member of the medical profession? Was the critique she looked malnourished too harsh? Should Bill O’Reilly stick to talking about politics and keep his mouth shut about health and fitness? Let other readers know your thoughts.


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