Donald Trump sons’ big game hunt costly for Celebrity Apprentice TV show


Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump has given his celebrity endorsement to Republican candidate Mitt Romney. As the only somewhat moderate GOP candidate, independent voters and those Democrats who are disgruntled with Barack Obama’s political performance as president had been leaning toward voting for him. But this is not a story about the iconic GOP symbol the elephant. It is a true tale about spoiled and overly indulged, pompous and arrogant young men who have been raised to believe they are the king of all they survey — including New York City and (apparently) the native wildlife in Africa. There, they took it upon themselves to shoot big game… but they only seemed to like taking pictures of animals after they killed them.

Trump FamilyBlood thirsty big game hunters Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., the famous sons of real estate mogul and reality television show host Donald Trump, are killers. Yes, you read that right — the famous family spends their free time killing wild animals. The famous sons took to Twitter to brag and show photos of their big game hunt, starting a flurry of dark green news reports about what they felt was a game. However, the sport was not very much fun for a wide variety of animals ranging from leopards (big cats), crocodiles (reptiles), and even African elephants to harmless beasts that are more obscure. What’s even worse (in our humble opinion) is now they have sullied their father’s good name as the host of Celebrity Apprentice [the reality television show where special guests compete to win money for their favorite charities].

As endangered elephants struggle to survive as a species throughout the globe, the Trump family still thinks that killing them for sport is an acceptable form of entertainment. On a safari to Zimbabwe, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. , sons of real estate mogul and part-time political pundit Donald Trump, took up their guns and killed several animals, including the increasingly rare African elephant.

Not only did the millionaire Trump children shun critics of their elephant killing, they actually bragged about it to their followers on Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “I’m a hunter, for that I make no apologies.”

Well, guess what Don… we’re disgusted and think you should have made a better decision about how to use your star power wisely. As for your personal life, you should have bought some of those male enhancement product they advertise so much on late night TV to help you man up — and, since you are so rich and can afford to buy whatever you want, have gotten a new Porsche. NOT killed nearly extinct animals for sport.

“While trophy hunting is legal in many African countries… conservationists believe the practice is responsible for the diminishing populations of many vulnerable, threatened or endangered species,” according to the Huffington Post. Even Outdoor Life magazine said, “In the photos, the brothers are shown posing with a croc, elephant, and Kudu. “Like all animals, elephants, buffalo, and crocodiles deserve better than to be killed and hacked apart for two young millionaires’ grisly photo opportunity…” [an organization that prides themselves on being one of the best the sources for information on hunting and fishing adventures, not granola eating tree huggers].

Despite the fact that the Trump children did their wildlife killing in a safari park, the African elephant is still a greatly endangered species, due to the high price their ivory tusks bring poachers on the Black Market.

It has become clear in America that there is a different set of moral and social rules that apply to the wealthy. But the amount of money someone has should be more a license to set a good example for the conservation of our planet’s dwindling wildlife, instead of a license to kill.

Scientists say African elephants could be extinct by 2020. That’s just eight short years from today.

Will Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. be eager to brag to their own children that they played a part in extinguishing the icon of the African Plains? Or will ecological history look at them as the worst example of the abuse of power and money on the planet?

Many celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio (who founded an charities to protect elephants and tigers in the wild) and Demi Moore (who has petitioned to make herding elephants with bull hooks illegal for circus trainers and zoo keepers to do) have used their fame to promote causes that help the environment and preserve its greatest natural creations.

Thanks to the arrogance and thoughtlessness of his children, The Donald Trump family cannot add their names to the green carpet A-list. In fact, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. get an F – for failure to care about something bigger than their own bravado or bank accounts.

Even if the only reason they refrained from hunting big game was to protect your image as their parent out of love and respect for your charitable accomplishments, at least the world would have one more living elephant.

Talk about “Operation Shock and Awe”, boys. Only this time, the target was not weapons of mass destruction. You might have took aim at wild animals like elephants, but what you’ve really succeeded in doing is flushing all the animal rights activists out of the Hollywood bushes and made sure they would never appear as guests on your Republican father’s reality television program.

Here’s just a smattering of the bad publicity many celebrity gossip websites, entertainment news programs, and mainstream media outlets have given the “Trump brand” (as The Donald and daughter Ivanka so affectionately call it) thanks to the heartless actions of his kids:

We’re not kidding when we say the PR for the Trump family and the fallout from the celebrity scandal for the Celebrity Apprentice franchise once chit-chat spreads among Hollywood celebs is really, really bad.

Think we’re being overly dramatic about the dark green news, portraying Donald Trump’s sons as blood thirsty savages capable of alienating half of Hollywood with their actions? Watch the video slide show of the Trump family on safari and you tell us… how much do his children love and respect the animals of our planet? And for that matter, exactly how small of a man do you have to be to wound such majestic creatures to make yourself feel large in stature? After seeing the photos, one thing is for sure: no one in the office of Green Celebrity Network will be able to watch Celebrity Apprentice if Donald Trump Jr. or his brother Eric are on in the same light again.


Certainly, Trump’s adult boys felt no charity toward the animals they stalked and killed while on safari. Knowing that many celebrities are environmentalists, pet friendly, animal rights activists, and wildlife crusaders, they have potentially alienated half of Hollywood who would have otherwise considered being players for charity on their famous father’s show.

But the damage they have potentially done to the Trump brand has even further reaching consequences.

Their actions are likely to cost the show viewers and ratings.

Furthermore, they put a seriously dark green cloud of negative publicity over the head of their father at a time when he could have helped Mitt Romney defeat Barack Obama by potentially swaying fiscally conservative but socially liberal independent voters in the 2012 elections.

[Many independents are fiscally conservative and pro-military while simultaneously being liberally socially and have environmental concerns.]

Now, rather that paying attention to their famous father’s political messages about how to get the United States back on track economically and how to battle our way up and out of the global economic recession, the press and voters are thinking about the graphic images and arrogant comments made by two clearly overly indulged and mean-spirited [albeit adult] children.

The entire issue is making anyone with a respect for the welfare of animals and the planet sick.

What do you think of Donald Trump and his family? Should his sons be proud of all the animals they have killed or does their hunting reflect negatively on their father? Will this celebrity scandal affect his future work with charitable Hollywood celebs who may or may not be animal rights activists? Let readers know your thoughts about the Trump family big game hunt in the comments section below.


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