Did Justin Bieber burn Ashton Kutcher in a celebrity real estate deal?


Ashton Kutcher has accused Justin Bieber of trying to burn him in a celebrity real estate deal. The star celebs met on live TV and aired their real estate grievances on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Host Jimmy Kimmel did his best to keep the laughter down in the audience while he moderated the humorous debate about luxury homes, property rentals, and finding the right home to buy as a happening bachelor pad in LA.

Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber on Jimmy Kimmel LiveAmerican actor Ashton Kutcher has publicly accused celebrity teen pop singer Justin Bieber of, “trying to steal his $9m mansion,” the Mirror reports. The star celebs started the celebrity real estate rumor themselves during the celebrity interview segment on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. The funny program aired on March 28th, 2012 and both celebrities were featured guests.

The Week reports,”Kutcher was renting a house in LA when Bieber turned up and attempted to buy it. Ashton resolved the property palaver by buying the mansion himself. “He forced me to buy the house!” complained the actor. “I thought he was going to take it out from under me!” However, the pair appeared to have put the incident behind them as Bieber has been chosen to host Kutcher’s celebrity prank show Punk’d.”

Bieber, who is still dating Disney princess Selena Gomez, is one of the hottest celebrities in the world. Famous for his humanitarian work raising money for food banks and being pet friendly, he’s one of the most followed verified celebrities on Twitter.

Ashton Kutcher, a former media darling, is the actor who replaced Charlie Sheen on the hit show Two And A Half Men. Since he rose to international fame by challenging (and beating) CNN in a race to get to one million followers on Twitter, he’s used his star powers wisely. Sending out tweets for a variety of charities and regularly attending charity benefit functions with his wife, actress Demi Moore, one thought the talented comedic actor could do no wrong.

When he was caught in a cheating scandal in early 2012, he and his wife Demi Moore filed for a divorce. Since that time, Kutcher has been spotted partying around the globe with a variety of girls. His estranged spouse Demi was rushed by ambulance to the hospital after suffering a seizure while partying at the celebrity couple’s former home with her daughter Rumer Willis.

News that Kutcher thinks the Biebs has burned him in a real estate deal seems pretty funny considering all the negative things that Kutcher has himself done. Although he and Beiber are friends, it seems as if the Biebs was trying to do a favor for his bud by making the special guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live the same night as him.

After all, what better way to take the focus off Demi Moore’s stint in celebrity rehab after Kutcher cheating with aspiring actress turned home wrecker tabloid sell out Sarah Leal than to make jokes about which bachelor will have the cooler bachelor pad?

Let’s just hope neither of these two stars get into any more trouble…


Because it is much more fun to spend time reporting about their latest good deeds as green celebrities.

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