Charlize Theron caught on cam having a Michael Jackson moment with son?


Actress Charlize Theron is trying her best to stay focused on the job of being gorgeous and a famous mother. Having just adopted a new baby boy as a single parent, the Christian Dior model and movie star has her hands full. Literally, and the paparazzi has proof! They captured a photo of the glamor doll toting a bundle of bouncing baby carrier yet again. This time, she changed the blanket color, but it seems like Theron is turning into Michael Jackson. She’s been hiding her child under blankets now everywhere she goes, presumably trying to keep her son Jackson’s not yet famous face out of tabloid magazine pictures.

Charlize Theron adopted baby boyCharlize Theron was just caught smuggling a baby on April Fools Day in 2012… her own! The celebrity mom was spotted out on April 1st with her newborn child under wraps. In a new photo shared by People, the Hollywood actress was seen carrying her newly adopted child in a baby carrier while having a Michael Jackson moment. Keeping the entire bundle swaddled in a blanket, there was no chance for photographers to capture a photo of her new son Jackson. Instead, the entertainment news website shared a photo of pretty blonde mom Charlize carrying the infant in the traveling contraption and shared that also in two was her own mother.

[Hardly a shocking celebrity gossip report, but still…]

The site revealed the actress, “was spotted making her way into the Bouchon Hotel Sunday carrying some precious cargo… Unfortunately, anyone dying to catch a glimpse of her newly adopted son Jackson was out of luck. Last time his carrier was covered in stars, and this time his muslin swaddling blanket was striped.”

While most people understand that any parent would like their children to have a right to privacy, is Theron going too far to protect her child from the paparazzi?

Not only does covering an infant carrier or stroller on a warm day put the child at a health risk of overheating, having to tote a baby in such a heavy looking carrier has to put the actress herself at risk of hurting her back or straining her arms.

To that end, buying a car seat that can be converted into a baby stroller basket top so the child can be moved from carrier to stroller then hauled like cargo in and out of her home, posh hotels, or for any business or shopping adventure would seem to be a more prudent alternative.

Otherwise, Theron appears to be acting a bit too much like the legendary pop music singer Michael Jackson (who even went so far as to name his youngest child Blanket). Jackson used to make his children wear masks when they went out in public to hide their faces.

She had better uncover that kid or she’ll run the risk that the press will only know him by the pattern of his shroud — something that if you think about seems absolutely ridiculous.

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