The Voice: Christina Aguilera, please put down the Ho Ho’s


Celebrity diets! Holy fat girls, Batman. Christina Aguilera, the pop music singer who has been playing a judge on the reality television music competition called The Voice has certainly plumped up nice. She looked a bit like a well stuffed Christmas goose when she made her stage appearance on the warm spring night. Wearing little more than a bathing suit with super Spanx spandex tights, she looked like she could hardly breathe. Or she looked great if you like thick women. Both sets of haters and fans were equally right.

Christina Aguilera fatChristina Aguilera, please put down the Ho-Ho’s if you are going to wear revealing outfits like that. That was the consensus of fans of The Voice after the celebrity judge took to the stage on April 16th, 2012 with one fan of The Voice even going so far as to beg the singer to, “Please put down the Ho Ho’s.”

Wearing a skimpy belted outfit, she really belted a song out. Sadly, while she was going for some sort of super hero inspired cat suit look her get-up looked more like a fat suit. One not so nice fan we interviewed said her legs looked like cottage cheese poured into sup hose while another kept shaking his head after seeing her and saying, “That is just not right…”.

Not all people who saw the star sing were celebrity health and fitness critics, though. One person remarked, “So Sexy! I love thick girls!!!” to the writers at Just Jared while another noted of all the contestants, the pop music performer’s song, “was the best one of the night.”

Aguilera has been the subject of ridicule for gaining weight because earlier in her Hollywood-influenced music career she had been extremely catty to other girls who were heavier than her.

Now that she has matured, shall we say, her figure has rounded out. Rumors and online gossip reports suggest that the singer turned movie star [in Burlesque with Cher] may be battling an uphill battle losing weight because she refuses to put the bottle down.

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Aguilera, who has a long-standing fashion feud with Kelly Osbourne that started when she ridiculed young Kelly (co-host on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and former Dancing With The Stars competitor), recently bought Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne’s old house.

Mom Sharon Osbourne got her digs in against the singer by saying during a celebrity interview that she had seen pictures of how the celebrity home had been remodeled. Calling it a, “Moroccan brothel” was her way of defending her daughter.

Kelly defended herself head on however by pointing out Aguilera is both mean and fat (two qualities that don’t tend to put The Voice judge in the best light with Hollywood insiders or the press). But even the media is being nice to her and not pointing out the obvious pink elephant in the room: Christina Aguilera is developing cankles.

She’s even been accused of workplace bullying The Voice co-host judge Adam Levine, a green celebrity who prides himself on staying fit, practicing Yoga, and being kind to everybody. The lead singer of the rock band Maroon 5 constantly has to defend himself from verbal jabs Aguilera throws his way.

[It’s a good thing that boy knows how to intellectually bob and weave. And speaking of weaves, did anyone else notice that the back of hers appeared to be showing?]

What do you think?

  • Do people have a right to make fun of Christina Aguilera for getting fat simply because she had been so mean to other women about it in the past when she used to be a skinny girl?
  • Do you think she is packing on the pounds because she is drinking heavily — or do you have insider info about what may be causing her figure to bloat?
  • Or do you think she looks fantastic and haters need to shut up about the height and weight proportions of this girl?

Let other readers know your thoughts about The Voice judge gaining weight and stripping down to sing on the hit reality television show.

If you ask this writer, she needs to put on some more appropriate looking clothes, put down the Ho-Ho’s, fire her stylist, or lose the bottle. She looks far too much like Miss Piggy from the Muppets poured into those panty hose.


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