Beyonce Knowles’ rapid weight loss fuels pregnancy hoax rumors


Beyonce Knowles’ rapid weight loss after delivering her baby Blue Ivy Carter is fueling rumors the pregnancy was a hoax. Did she hide the fact she used a surrogate mom or adopt rather than giving birth to the child herself? Hollywood Life has revealed new photos of the pop music singer that are making people second guess whether or not she was ever really expecting at all.

Did Beyonce Knowles fake pregnancy weight lossWhile celebrity health and fitness congratulations are in order for Beyonce Knowles‘ devotion to keeping a slender and fit hourglass figure, fans who think she faked the pregnancy from the get-go are not buying it at all. They think the singer has looked the same all along. Claiming to have lost 60 pounds by eating lettuce and walking on a treadmill, the celebrity mom was back performing on stage looking like she’d never had a baby bump at all.

Why do people suspect Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay Z faked a pregnancy?

For the media perks, of course. Conspiracy theorists claim Knowles never physically appeared to gain weight during her pregnancy anywhere but on her belly. The bump was viewed shifting under her dress artificially several times during the pregnancy. Further, it never developed gradually. Instead, it grew by leaps without the rest of her figure adjusting much at all proportionally. And worse, the baby bump seemed to collapse in on itself when she sat down during a taped interview.

One commenter named Courtney said, “There’s no way in hell she gained 60lbs while she was pregnant with Blue Ivy her bump would’ve been a whole lot bigger… just look at Mariah Carey who is roughly the same height and a similar build she gained 70 lbs while she was pregnant with her twins due to complications and you couldn’t deny it [the fact that Mariah Carey was pregnant]…

Doubtful her pregnancy was real, she goes on to say, “Compare photos of [Knowles] from 2 weeks before Blue was born she was still able to smile her face wasn’t swollen & [Mariah Carey] two weeks before Moroccan & Monroe were born… she couldn’t smile because her face was swollen so badly…”

Essentially her argument pointed out that right up until her due date, the singer’s face never changed. The only thing that did grow was a baby bump — which many who follow rumor mill reports believed was a fake.

“This woman was never pregnant…” was the conclusion of cdee12120.

Another commenter named Joey agreed, claiming she was right and saying, “that chic [was] never pregnant… she either just wanted media attention or she hs some mental illness that brought her to think that way.”

Does Beyonce Knowles’ claim of rapid weight loss make you more or less suspicious that she faked her pregnancy? Let other readers know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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