PETA advocate Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino from ‘Jersey Shore’ has troubles galore


PETA advocate Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Twitter has troubles, apparently. The “Jersey Shore” reality television star took to the social networking site to connect with a lady friend and accidentally tweeted out his phone number. Immediately swamped by calls and texts, it looks like the quasi-Italian celebrity will be changing his digits in the wake of the online accident — but in the meantime he’s thrilled to be getting so much free press.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has been struggling with his career decisions as of late. Since MTV cancelled the Jersey Shore series and Seaside Heights was essentially wiped out by Hurricane Sandy, there is little chance any spin-off of the reality series will happen — at least with a home base at the famous tourist destination. As a result, Mike’s been doing his best to pull together as much money as he can to help ease him through the transition from being a popular and well-known TV personality to being just another semi-hot club guy with abs galore.

One of his latest professional moves was The Situation posed shirtless with cats in new PETA ad.

Mike Sorrentino shirtlessIn addition to that, he “accidentally” tweeted out his phone number to everybody allegedly while he was trying to text his digits to just one female fan. But don’t think having a flood of phone calls and texts caused him his biggest problem with fame and fortune right now.

He’s also filed a lawsuit against a vodka company who he claims ripped him off regarding his promotion of the brand in a marketing contract. The Situation from ‘Jersey Shore’ is redefining GTL as of late.

[Apparently the catch phrase means gym, tan, lawsuit now.]

For those who never were brave enough to actually watch Jersey Shore, Mike Sorrentino was the Guido who actually was brave enough to compete on Dancing With The Stars. Voted off after only a few short weeks, he seemed angry to have not been taken seriously as a competitor and somewhat nervous and out of his element having to deal with dance pros, show producers, and other (more famous) Hollywood celebrities.

Sorrentino prides himself on following the stereotype of an Italian male who club hops, always brings home a different girl, and who dresses like a person screaming for constant attention. It is too bad he did not have enough support from his family and friends to step up to the plate and break the mold when he was on DWTS.

As a dance competitor, he might not have been the best but he definitely was not the worst. What’s more, it was clear to viewers who were paying close attention to his segments that Sitch is a classic example of where nurture defeats nature at times. Essentially a good kid, The Situation could have remade himself into a public figure with mass appeal the same way reality TV star Kelly Osbourne did during the course of the show.

Had he been willing to show vulnerability and reconsidered how he dressed, the language he used, and kept his hair in a less gooey Guido fashion, he actually had enough charisma to mainstream himself into a likable TV personality. If he had been less about the sex and more about making connections, Sitch would have been a cute boy for MTV to turn into a show host about America’s hottest clubs, an interviewers who could have worked all the after parties that follow award show events, or even grabbed and interviewed D-Listed stars on the red carpet for entertainment news programs like E!, Extra, Showbiz Tonight, or even TMZ.

Knowing that Mike Sorrentino is an animal rights activist makes him even more likable. Now, if only he could tame the beast within, American TV viewers might be able to take him seriously as a colorful personality with a talent for something other than getting wasted and pining for Snooki (the Guidette who seems to have broken his heart by having a baby with another man).

Now that he sent his phone number out to everyone in the world, the Sitch Michael Sorrentino happily tweeted, “Appreciate the DtF texts lmao! Gonna take a picture of all missed calls, up to 1000!” out to his #JerseyShore fans.


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