Pet friendly celeb Megan Fox latest victim of celebrity death hoax?


Celebrity death news! Actress Megan Fox is not dead. She’s alive and well despite news of her untimely demise trending on Twitter on Jan. 2. Gossip Cop reports the source of the nasty hoax was Global Associated News. The questionable entertainment news source seems to fabricate rumors that famous people have died — starting the star celebs names trending on social media websites.

megan foxWhile well-meaning fans might share tweets expressing condolences to the celebrities families because they believe the celeb gossip reports are true, many people simply write mean and nasty jokes about the dead celebs. Crushable shared a list of the most inappropriate remarks made about the death of Megan Fox in an article titled “The 10 Most Wildly Inappropriate Twitter Responses To #RIP Megan Fox” on Jan. 3.

Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green are new parents. The pet friendly celebrity is known for adopting pets of all types: birds, cats, dogs, a pig, and anything that needs a home where it can wiggle, slither, or have room to breathe.  She’s raising her new son and Green’s older child around the animals, undoubtedly encouraging both young children to care for the family pets responsibly.

As a green celebrity, she has not always used her star power wisely — many times coming off looking a bit bit*hy or crazy during celebrity interviews. However, when one really gets a chance to listen to her remarks during celebrity interviews it is not hard to figure out that Fox has a dark sense of humor. Often times, her caustic remarks are made in jest but taken literally by over eager paparazzo’s looking to sell a story.

For instance, regarding the birth of her new child, she quipped that at times she felt like she was giving birth to a vampire baby. Clearly, she was making a pop culture reference to the “Twilight” movie series. In the films, actress Kristen Stewart undergoes a disturbing transformation after getting pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s baby. While Fox thought she was being funny, many parenting organizations thought she legitimately was criticizing her son in a way that was damaging.

While fans who follow her comments in the news laughed and sensible moms knew exactly what she was describing with her pithy commentary, media critics ripped her to shreds for the remarks. Hearing news that she might be dead, they seemed to revel in the thought the “Transformers” actress would not be around to say anything else negative about the art of baby-making.

But haters are out of luck. Megan Fox is alive, loves her children, and is still one of the prettiest pet friendly celebrities on the face of the earth. To that end, folks who dislike the controversial movie star are just going to have to take solace in the fact that she’s going to be busy taking care of an infant and all her house pets these next few years — most likely needing to take a bit of time off from aggressively promoting her career or making far too many bad B movies.

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