Pregnant Kim Kardashian totes her charitable self to Miami Beach


Celebrity moms news! On Jan. 6, E! Online reported that Kim Kardashian and her baby bump arrived in Miami. The entertainment news source confirmed, “The E! star—looking beautiful while wearing a light pink flowy blouse, white blazer and gray pants—arrived in the beachy city with a friend earlier today. So why was the mama-to-be in the sizzling city? If you said Kim was in Miami for a photo shoot, then you are so right! Regardless of her growing bump, the celeb is continuously working, and that includes getting sexy in front of the camera while on the sand.”

Kim Kardashian pregnant topBut really — is the most famous of the Kardashian sisters more sexy or less now that she’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby while still being married to that poor sap Kris Humphries? If you are a fan of Kim K, then you answer is most likely yes — as she will be getting even curvier as the pregnancy matures. But if you are critical of a star who would use her own notoriety to bolster her self-esteem so vainly, then the reality TV star shamelessly flaunting her infidelity might be something you find repelling.

As a star celeb, everyone has to cut the girl some slack because of the good work she routinely does for charities. Not only does she donate a sizable amount annually from her earnings, she also makes special guest appearances on behalf of charities. [Someone has actually offered to donate $250K to the charity of her choice if she will document every stage of her pregnancy says Crushable magazine.]

Now granted, when she does appear on a celebrity benefit red carpet to do a good deed she is often paid handsomely — but still. Her star power as a famous figure and one of the prettiest faces of the first decade of the 21st century to grace covers of nearly all the magazine does help draw attention to causes people need to know about and seen.

Some of the most famous charities she has supported over the years include the Skin Cancer Foundation, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, and the Dream Foundation. She also auctions off her pre-worn designer clothes, shoes, and accessories like totes and handbags off routinely on eBay for good causes — something she brags about doing (even if she does only give a meager 10% of profits to charity).

Now, as for toting off her pregnant self from California to Miami Beach for a photo shoot — one undoubtedly to add more money to her already sizable pot of earnings — the idea she’s being promoted like a club girl by the entertainment news agency seems a little disingenuous, really. It is actually making Kim K look like she’s really just a celeb who is all about the money — not acting with any sense of common decency.

After all, why else would she be preggers and posing on a beach? What’s next — another sex tape scandal of her and Kanye practicing making more babies? If she’s not careful, the reality TV star is going to end up being a laughing-stock of the celeb gossip world like Octomom. She’s back on welfare now, by the way, and taking flack from everybody for her career choices and poor parenting.


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