Michael Moore not getting kicked off Facebook for anti-military posting, why?


Left wing political activist Michael Moore is not getting kicked off Facebook despite threats the company sent him that he was potentially in violation of their policies. When social media website users from the right-wing went on a hate campaign to get him panned for daring to suggest in what he claims as a thoughtfully written post that America is not treating it’s war heroes properly, they decided to report him to the platform for uttering inflammatory hate speech. On Jan. 6th, Moore got not only an all-clear message from the powers that be who run the social media website that his account would not be dropped from their service — he actually received what he says was an apology.

Michael Moore American Patriot“Good news from Facebook tonight!” wrote the celeb on Saturday. “I have heard from Facebook HQ and there will be no removal of my posts or my site because of what I said about how America doesn’t really support its troops (and we should just stop saying that we do). There will be no censorship whatsoever.”

According to the star celeb, “They apologized and feel bad that I received the notice threatening sanctions against my Facebook account. They said it was a big mistake, an error in their protective systems that produced a “false-positive” regarding me.” And that’s good news, actually — if one believes in supporting intellectual debates and freedom of speech.

False positives are computer generated reports that block users wrongfully when cyber bullies attack their targets willfully and maliciously. Moore has plenty of haters, too. Not only is he eco-friendly, he’s taken on gun rights advocates (surprising many liberals with the revelation he is not anti-gun at all but does advocate for some changes in American government policies) and pharmaceutical companies. He’s gone after the FDA and food industries. Now, he’s angered everyone from the right wing by saying that the government treats it’s military service members poorly.

But seriously, was he really so wrong in making his claims that Fox news should start running false stories about Michael Moore, claiming he is anti-troops and totally against America’s military? If anyone had actually read what he had to say, they would quickly realize he was defending the troops — not disparaging soldiers.

Regarding the scandal Fox News created by attacking him spitefully, Moore had this to say on his official Facebook account:

I guess I should’ve assumed that this would happen. For the past three days Fox News and other right wing media have been having a field day with my Facebook post about how the troops “we support” are not really supported but rather used as cannon fodder and then spit out onto the “I-thank-you-for-service” street. It was, I thought, a well-reasoned piece about the hollow platitudes we mouth about our troops. when in fact we send them to die in useless wars that have nothing to do with our self-defense. I then pointed out how the suicide rate, homelessness, joblessness, and home foreclosure among service members and veterans is disgraceful. And I asked young people to carefully reconsider if they are thinking about signing up for the armed services.

What do you think, readers? Was Michael Moore out of line for suggesting the American government and American people need to take care of their military heroes in a better way? After all, he was the first person in his home town to institute an affirmative action plan for hiring returning Iraq and Afghanistan war vets, putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to being a patriot who respects our military families.


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