PETA advocate Pamela Anderson kicked off ‘Dancing On Ice’ for celebrity OOPS?


PETA model Pamela Anderson was bounced off the new reality TV program “Dancing On Ice” after an embarrassing celebrity oops moment. When her wardrobe malfunctioned, the actress and supermodel says her top falling caused her popularity rating to plummet.

Pamela Anderson photoOn Jan. 7, 2013, Fox News reported there was another reason why she was kicked off the reality television show — one that had nothing to do with her clothing choices. The blonde bombshell might have bombed at the physical challenge because she was just plain overwhelmed physically and mentally by all the drama that has been going on for years now in her personal life when the reality TV cameras are not rolling.

According to the source, “Anderson did blame herself for getting kicked off the ice skating show. Well, at least part of herself.” They shared that the wardrobe malfunction really seemed to do her in with voters tired of her using her looks as a substitution for dancing.

“I feel so bad for [skating partner] Matt [Everrs],” she said. “He should not be here. I stumbled, my dress… my boobs fell out. It happens. It’s common in my life…” said the former “Baywatch” beauty.

But she was also fairly quickly voted off two seasons of “Dancing With The Stars” in the past as well. So there must be something to the story other than a simple costuming error that’s getting her bounced off the shows — a fact that CBS News proclaimed has left the celeb, “Devastated.”

[Source: Examiner]

Fox News reports Anderson, although wildly popular as a celebrity spokesperson for PETA, has been suffering from financial troubles since she first started building her dream home in California. She claims the stress of not having the project complete on time or on budget has financially ruined her — which is one of the reasons she has to keep taking these tedious gigs on reality TV.

Fans of the starlet know she’s heavily burdened by excessive tax debt. Being chased by the IRS for overdue taxes, she claims she has been making monthly payments to the government regularly — but that the $370K + debt has been truly overwhelming.

The sexy vegetarian is also a celebrity mom. Her two young boys keep her active chasing them to sporting activities. She claims her children with rocker Tommy Lee are typical California kids. Both are allegedly into rugby and surfing.

Could pretty Pammi simply be failing at the strenuous physical challenges because she’s emotionally overwhelmed and physically exhausted? One has to wonder if she is eating right and getting enough protein to sustain high levels of physical activity since she refuses to eat meat or inject animal by-products like eggs, milk, or cheese.

It might be time for the actress to start supplementing her celebrity diet with items like fish and protein supplements that could give her more energy. Otherwise, if she plans to keep on taking these reality TV gigs, the stress on her body could be more taxing than any of her IRS levies.

Let other readers know your thoughts about why the famous vegetarian and advocate for animal rights was kicked off the new reality television competition “Dancing On Ice” so early.


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