Celebrity stoners: Justin Bieber on SNL always produces high ratings


Justin Bieber has decided to make a special guest appearance on SNL once again, something likely to get the famous TV show high ratings. On Monday, the singer shared a tweet that indicated he is planning on hitting up the hit show “Saturday Night Live” to do a little hosting, most likely to quiet rumors on the internet that he was involved in a drug scandal. Star magazine ran with the news report about the gig on Jan. 8, 2013, noting the baby-faced star has aspirations in acting. Billboard has officially confirmed rumors he will be hosting the show scheduled to air on Feb. 9. Fans of the adult teen can already sense marijuana jokes are likely to be forthcoming.

Justin Bieber celeb gossip“The baby hit maker has teased fans about his plans for 2013 on Twitter.com and, in a post on Monday, he revealed he is set to follow in the footsteps of fellow singers – turned – actors Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine, who will host the popular weekly sketch show on Jan. 26…” said the grocery store tabloid magazine. But why, exactly, is he choosing to make a such a controversial public appearance on network TV when he’s already super busy with his music career and still reeling from the breakup with his Disney princess girlfriend Selena Gomez?

The teen scene singing sensation found himself embroiled in a celebrity scandal after a photo of him smoking what appeared to be marijuana at a New years party surfaced on the internet.  For that reason, he appears to be getting proactive about changing the discussion about his name from something controversial to funny. What better way is there to do that than to make a special guest appearance on the cult classic TV show now that he’s an adult teen — one who can make fun of his own scandal in a way that he will feel comfortable about how his image is publicly perceived?

Getting people to talk about his appearance on Saturday Night Live is probably a brilliant publicity move for the young star’s career both with regard to expressing his avid interest in the show biz industry and because his squeaky clean image seems to be falling apart at the seams. After all, changing the dialogue of celebrity teens from focusing on his bad behavior to him doing something far more interesting (like being filmed in skits with world-famous comedians who hopefully will appropriately joke about the drug scandal) can only make parents happy who are concerned about the types of things the adult teen is role modeling to their kiddies.

So is Bieber finally being willing to compare himself to Justin Timberlake – – an incredibly well-liked and  financially successful celebrity stoner. Oddly enough, he was unwilling to do that in the past, saying he did not understand the comparison between himself and the former child star who used to work for Disney.

For the green celebrity news record, Timberlake has admitted openly for years that he smokes marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. So when he does get caught smoking out in public or is photographed high in private, the former Disney star turned boy band mega- millionaire turned Hollywood A-list actor does not seem to upset anybody.

To that end, if Justin Bieber changes the pot smoking scandal dialogue to something funny — like making cameo appearances in marijuana movies — he’s likely to keep his career path on the rise. However, if he goes down a darker path of drug addiction and rap star type behaviors (getting arrested, pretending to be a gangster, and gaining fame from notoriety rather than public accolades), the child star is likely to watch his career go up in smoke.

It’s a real risk he is starting to take by having his name associated with stars like Little Twist instead of role modeling after “The Voice” celebrity judge Adam Levine (who is very health conscious and does yoga regularly) or Justin Timberlake (who is basically this century’s equivalent to Leonardo DaVinci). After all, it’s a short but slippery slope of decline to fall from the status of Emma Stone to Lindsay Lohan — and nobody wants to see Bieber end up with a reputation like Lil Wheezy.

As for having aspirations to become an actor, the Biebs has appeared on Saturday Night Live in the past and did some funny skits. However, during his one real acting job on “CSI” he bombed with critics for his performance. Playing a cantankerous teen, he failed to impress anybody with his acting ability. Hopefully, if his SNL appearance is a viral hit he will get fantastic press from it.

Why? Because having the Biebs do movies or live musical theater in the years to come could solidify this boy’s name among Hollywood stars as one of the greatest talents in the industry.


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