Jennifer Aniston’s leather dress less PC than Kanye West’s leather skirt?


Actress Jennifer Aniston wore a crowd-pleasing black leather dress to the 2013 People’s Choice Awards on Jan. 9. While most gossip sites were happy to report about how hot the 40 something celeb looked in the ensemble, PETA advocates were shuddering in horror at the thought she might make wearing animal skin a trendy fashion statement. Granted, her attire was less shocking than Kanye West wearing a leather skirt at the 12-12-12 concert, but still. Was the outfit the best choice as a fashion statement for the pet-friendly actress?

Jennifer Aniston's leather dress at the People's Choice Award rivals Kanye West 121212 kilt

Many star celebs have joined People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals in their campaign against wearing fur. But leather clothing or fashion accessories are oftentimes overlooked as products that promote cruelty to animals. And, of course, not looking like a nice girl while wearing the dress had to be part of the celebrity’s point — but did she really have to dress like Kanye West to make her point?

“The 43-year-old actress perfectly contrasted her “good girl” image with the dominatrix-inspired leather getup. The black leather dress is reportedly made by Dior, and its simplicity was preferred by viewers over the elaborate and often flashy gowns. Her stunning appearance at the People’s Choice Award should put to rest the claims that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant…” said the Digital Times.

Celebrities Aniston would do well to role model after with her fashion choices include famous vegan and vegetarian actresses like Alicia Silverstone, Anne Hathaway, Alyssa Milano, Amanda Crew, Angela Bassett, Angie Everhart, Ashley Judd, Averill Levine, Brigitte Bardot, Candace Bergen, Carrie Underwood, Chelsea Clinton, Christy Turlington, Cicely Tyson, Claudia Schiffer, Daryl Hannah, Diane Keaton, Fiona Apple, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Otherwise, she risks looking more like Kim Kardashian — a star with all the potential in the world, but one who continues to make bad choices.

Not only is Kim Kardashian pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, her fashion sense appears to have gone downhill since allowing him to pick out her wardrobe. He fancies himself a designer, although no one in Hollywood seems to think that he has any fashion sense or talent that comes to putting decent looking outfits together.

His leather skirt was a bad choice because it looked terrible on him. But Aniston’s leather dress was not even worse decision to wear simply because she could have worn something that was made by an eco-friendly designer or was a vegan friendly fashion statement and enable to look equally gorgeous.

Take (for example) Anne Hathaway’s choice to wear a bondage inspired dress to the “Les Miserables” premier in New York City. While she had a terrible wardrobe malfunction while getting out of the car that caused her to flash her lady bits to waiting photographers, the outfit itself looks stunning on the red carpet.

To that end, had Aniston elected to dress more like Anne Hathaway at the People’s Choice Awards appearance, she would have been praised by fashionistas around the world as well as found herself approved politically correct by the animal rights organization PETA. Since she is a pet-friendly person who adopts dogs, the consensus among animal lovers is she could have selected a better gown to wear on the red carpet.


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