Jessica Simpson shunning father Joe Simpson because he’s gay?


LGBT news! Actress Jessica Simpson allegedly is refusing to work directly with her father Joe Simpson on the set of her new NBC sitcom. The family drama has ignited a social issues debate. The network is filming a pilot about her life, one that will be a scripted show. In the past, she was featured on an MTV reality television show about her marriage to Nick Lahey of the boy band 98 Degrees. She’s such a ditz, her fans think a show about her life will be hilarious — but her rift with her dad is not making anyone who is gay or bi-sexual feel too comfortable watching.

Jessica Simpson and Father JoeSimpson’s father Joe, her manager, came out of the closet in 2012 and filed for a divorce from Jess’ mother. A new mom herself — and pregnant right now with her second child — the former Disney princess and “Fashion Star” judge might simply be avoiding her dad to reduce the chance the two of them will have a conflict. But the troublesome fact is the reason the pretty blonde is angry with her pop is not over the divorce (allegedly). She’s actually furious he is gay — and that’s an entirely different story.

Zee News reports, “Jessica Simpson refuses to be anywhere near her father Joe during shooting of her new autobiographical TV show, it has been revealed.” They say, “The 32-year-old actress is the executive producer on the program inspired by [her] life but reports say they won’t be on set at the same time, [just as the UK tabloid the Sun reported].”

The source went on to report the troubling news that the singer has not yet forgiven her father for cheating on her father with men, somehow implying that if he had been unfaithful with other women that the two might already be on speaking terms again. Apparently, that’s not the right image for the father of one of the world’s most famous Disney kids.

Regarding his participation in the production of her new family friendly sitcom, they say, “The mother of one, who is still not in talking terms with her father since the news of his affairs with men came to light as his marriage to Simpson’s mum Tina ended, didn’t want her father Joe Simpson to be involved at all but couldn’t help it due to his contracted position as her manager.”

At this particular juncture in social and political climate regarding gay rights and new gay marriage laws passing, any Hollywood celebrity who comes right out to say they are against gays or lesbians is likely to be shunned by everybody. However, in a case like this — where the struggles of living a gay lifestyle while maintaining a heterosexual image is such a big debate and public discussion — the Simpson family finds themselves in the unique position to lead by example.

While Jessica Simpson can and should be angry at her father for his cheating scandal, she needs to wake up and realize that a gay man living his life in the closet married to a woman he most likely cares about and loves as family rather than as a romantic partner must be incredibly difficult. Not only is Joe Simpson facing ridicule from homophobic people in general, it appears as if he is being shunned by his famous daughter for being brave enough to come out of the closet.

Even if Joe was forced to admit he was gay or “outted” against his will, admitting he’s a homosexual man is still a brave endeavor. While the Hollywood sub-culture is likely to embrace him, Southern culture — infused with Baptist teachings that gays are going to hell for sinning — still may be causing problems for the family members who think to accept him as he is would somehow make their loving words of acceptance blasphemous.

A better suggestion might be that the actress include the family problems related to his coming out on the show itself. If she finally accepted him being gay, she ought to consider encouraging him to live his life in such a way that the Westboro Baptist Church would picket his funeral.


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