Don Cheadle: ‘Iron Man 3’ star goes green, does good deeds


The new super hero movie “Iron Man 3” might not hit the theaters until May 3, but comic book action adventure theme film fans are chomping at the bit to get an eyeful of stills. New movie photos were released as teasers on the web the third week of Jan. 2013 to the delight of green celebrity fans. Movie Fanatics shares, “Robert Downey, Jr. returns in the third Iron Man film. This time, when is private world comes under attack, Iron Man begins a hunt for those responsible.” But it’s his all-star cast pals that have good news and humanitarian gossip junkies thrilled. Why? Because actors like the lovely and green actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale, Jon Favreau, and consummate gentleman Sir Ben Kingsley also star. So does actor Don Cheadle — a man who has starred in many films bout seldom takes top billing despite being a big name movie star.

Don Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr.Don Cheadle is a producer and actor for the ages. He was born in Kansas City on November 29, 1964. His mother Bettye was a teacher and his  father Donald Sr. was a psychologist. Cheadle took on his parent’s respect for education and earned a Bachelor¹s Degree in Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. He started acting at the top of the field and with the industry’s heavy hitters. He was a guest actor on the hit TV show, “Fame” in 1982 and quickly moved on to major feature films like “Colors” and “Hamburger Hill.”

He has never stopped acting, dancing and singing.  He received a Golden Globe award for his work in HBO’s “The Rat Pack”. He also received several Emmy nominations and a Grammy nomination for a spoken word recording.

Cheadle took over the role of Rhodey in “Iron Man 2” and is working on “Iron Man 3”. He also hopes to develop his highly anticipated Miles Davis biopic.

He sings, writes music and plays a mean saxophone. His Grammy nomination was for a spoken word interpretation of a Walter Moseley novel, “Fear Itself”.

Cheadle lives with Bridgid Coulter who played his wife in “Rosewood” and the couple have two daughters. His brother, Colin Cheadle, is also an actor with two movies to his credit. His sister, Cindy, is a teacher in Washington, D.C.

Cheadle is known for humanitarian work at a level worthy of a Nobel Laureate’s Summit Peace Award. He shared the award with fellow actor George Clooney for their work in Darfur. He also received the 2007 BET Peace Award.

He was also featured in a going green magazine video as a “Green Celebrity”.

With a focus on Africa, particularly Darfur and Sudan, Cheadle co founded Not On Our Watch, a foundation that focuses the world’s attention on mass atrocities wherever they occur. Not On Our Watch generates lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for groups of displaced, marginalized and vulnerable people.

Cheadle and John Prendergast wrote and published a book  that is also titled “Not on Our Watch”. The book focuses on Darfur and is intended to highlight humanitarian needs throughout the world.

He also supports Satellite Sentinel Project, a charity that  uses satellite imagery, field reports and Google Map Maker to monitor and react to the tension between North and South Sudan.

To that end, having him star in a film like “Iron Man 3” — one that will appear to comic book fans, nerds, science geeks, and folks who love to watch action adventure movies that are clean enough films to watch with their older children as a family unit — is very special. Why? Because any time a green celebrity has a starring role in a film that is so epic they increase their star power.

In Cheadle’s case, he is likely to use every red carpet appearance promoting the new film as a change to put the word our about a need to assist the charitable causes he helps out. And, of course it is always nice to see such a nice person who is going green use their star power so wisely.




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