Cameron Diaz: Latin blood the real reason hot actress is still single?


Have you ever been asked to name a list of hot Latina celebrities? What starlet names come to mind? First and foremost, the most famous Spanish-speaking hottie is actress, singer, and former “American Idol” celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez. Then, of course the mind wanders to Sophia Vergara’s famous curves — the funny actress who stars on “Modern Family” and does all those adorable diet soda pop commercials. One might even think about someone like Selma Hayek, Eva Longoria, or Penelope Cruz. But guess who else has Latin blood infused? Green celebrity actress Cameron Diaz — the 40 something celeb who is most famous for being tall, thin, blonde, and single — something her pal Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly wants to change about her (and soon) according to Perez Hilton.

Cameron DiazThe environmentally friendly actress is one of the only women in the world who looks drop-dread gorgeous stepping out of her Toyota Prius. Cameron Diaz was born in 1972 in San Diego, California. At 5’9” she is the tall, artificially blond daughter of a Cuban-American father and a German, English and Native American mother. Her father, Emilio Luis Diaz acted in his daughter’s breakthrough hit “There’s Something About Mary”.  Cameron Diaz started out  as a globetrotter and model at age 16, traveling the world until she was cast in the female lead role in “The Mask”.

Her career soared with roles in two “Charlie’s Angels” films and in the “Shrek” series. Her success is reflected in the average $9 million she grosses for every picture. She has earned four Golden Globes nominations and starred in “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Vanilla Sky” and “Gangs of New York.”

With accolades titled “50 Most Beautiful” and “100 Sexiest”  She is a permanent member of Hollywood’s “A” list. She has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and served as maid of honor in best friends with Drew Barrymore’s June, 2012 wedding to Will Kopelman.

Cameron is single, straight and dated Justin Timberlake for a few years. She was dating Yankees Baseball star Alex Rodriguez “A-Rod” for a while, but is now not in the news with a steady relationship for the paparazzi to follow.

Despite her predilection for bleached blond hair and her childhood as a California Beach dweller, Diaz strongly identifies with her Cuban ancestry and her Hispanic heritage. Diaz is so beautiful that she lacks the need for a scandalous plastic surgery profile.  She did have work on her nose after breaking it four times in various pursuits.

She may not have children, but she fancies cats, according to the Facebook Celebrity Cats Page. Since actress Gwyneth Paltrow has allegedly taken the aging starlet under her wing to give her life coaching about her choices dating, fans are optimistic that she won’t end up turning into a crazy cat lady if she is still alone at age 50 or 60.

Diaz, as an environmentally friendly celeb who is also pet friendly and a humanitarian, supports an eclectic number of charitable causes.  She started a private foundation, “Begin Today for Tomorrow”, back in 2001. This foundation donates to a range of charities including children’s dental health, conservation, AIDS projects and African wildlife.

She is also a member of the Pangea Day advisory board which  brings  filmmakers and activists together in a way that helps solve real world environmental issues.  Diaz supports the Environmental Media Association, a charity that seeks to inspire and educate the public about the environmental and eco friendly issues.

Will Gwyneth Paltrow be able to inspire her to settle down, stop smoking so much pot, and actually marry Mr. Right (instead of continuing to keep herself entertained with Mr. Right Now)? That remains to be seen — but if she simply can’t control her love urges that [in the past] have led her to hook up with a wide variety of hot Hollywood stars and celebrity athletes she can always blame that Latin blood of hers. Those wonderful Hispanics are a feisty brood.


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