Under the influence: Rihanna dating Chris Brown makes Lena Dunham sad?


Jezebel reports Golden Globe winning actress Lena Dunham has used her star power wisely. She’s started a social issues debate regarding women’s issues and the right way to handle being pot friendly. Actually, she shared the wrong way to promote legalizing marijuana if you are a green celebrity. Just act like Rihanna. Date the scariest boy in town because he has the best weed, then thumb your nose at everybody who gives you warnings that the relationship will eventually end poorly for everybody.

Lena Dunham hates Rihanna dating Chris BrownThe heavy-set young actress who was chided for being fat but then applauded for confronting her accuser Howard Stern appeared on Alec Baldwin’s podcast Here’s The Thing. And boy did she ever have some startling things to say about stars like Rihanna and Chris Brown smoking weed publicly and dating. [The two got back together after her restraining order against him ended.]

Regarding the celebrity couple’s strange relationship and antics on Twitter and Instagram promoting smoking weed, Dunham says:

“[Stardom] an amazing thing and it’s like, it’s a platform that you have to take seriously. Which is why sometimes, it’s like, I used to be really into Rihanna, that pop star, and then it’s like again, I don’t want to ever throw stones from my glass house, but I follow her on Instagram and I just think about how many little girls beyond what I could even comprehend are obsessed with Rihanna.

Like you know, she left Barbados, she’s had this amazing career, she’s won a Grammy… She’s talented. And then she gets back together with Chris Brown and posts a million pictures of them smoking marijuana together on a bed. And it cracks my heart in half in a way that makes me feel like I’m 95 years old.”

She even joked a year ago on Twitter saying, “Rihanna and Chris Brown’s new duets make me want to go hide under Gloria Steinem’s bed for 72 hours.” So, while she may be young (born May 13, 1986 in New York City), this twenty something chickadee seems to really have developed a social conscience that exudes maturity and healthy self-esteem.

Huffington Post also had this to say about her comments regarding the whole Chris Brown dating Rihanna thing. They write, “Lena Dunham plays a disastrously forlorn character on her hit HBO show “Girls” — at least when it comes to romance. But in real life, the 26-year-old creator and star isn’t biting her tongue when judging others. In an interview with Alec Baldwin on his podcast “Here’s the Thing,” Dunham said that she “used to be really into” Rihanna but was ultimately turned off by the pop singer’s recent reconciliation with Chris Brown.”

That’s biting her tongue? Oh really. If so, then we’d absolutely love to hear more about what this rising young star really thinks about sex, power, love, romance, gender relations, and the whole marijuana culture thing.

Dear Lena — please keep talking. We’re all dying to hear more about what you think… and are so impressed that you even know who Gloria Steinem is already.

Thank you for starting the social issues debate about the negative effect Chris Brown has on the public debate about marijuana.

While smoking pot in and of itself for recreational purposes is not necessarily a bad thing, it is if you are a celebrity who is posting pics of yourself in the sack with your former abuser. Especially, if it looks like marijuana use is clouding your judgement. The whole “purple haze” and peace-love-hippie thing might have been believable from RiRi — but from the outside looking in an argument can be made that Brown is keeping her toked out on high quality weed and keeping the singer in bed all day while the two make out or do whatever else they are trying to show their teenage fans they are both doing.

Rihanna might be a beautiful and talented girl and if that Chris guy is her epic match in the sack, then smoking pot might only be enhancing her romantic feelings. But that’s only because she’s using her body and not her mind to feel things — not thinking about what she is doing.

As a result, the impression she’s making is that she’s either dumb as a box of pop rocks or the drugs have taken away her sanity and self-esteem. Either way, she is not making a positive impression as a healthy, charismatic young lady. She’s rapidly becoming skeezy in the eyes of anybody who has ever followed the whole Chris Brown thing.

And, as Lena Dunham pointed out so eloquently, that very real fact — about her misusing star-power recklessly — is something likely to come back to haunt her. She is already starting to show the tell-tale signs of aging… and as a star celeb seems to be on the same toxic lifepath journey as Whitney Houston.

Chris Brown is simply her Bobby Brown. Just look at the two of them in their latest picture posted by celeb gossip columnist Perez Hilton.

Fans and friends all hope the two lovers don’t make another Bobbi Kristina. The whole idea of those two becoming parents is just too scary.

Bottom line, he is a bad guy (in the eyes of most) and she’s starting to make otherwise rational, peaceful, and civil potheads look like fools.




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