Jay Leno in hot water with Republicans for making GOP jokes?


Humanitarian Jay Leno is America’s most prominent comedian, a truly kind American, and one of the most famous of all the late night television talk show hosts. He has  a vast collection of 30 classic cars and over 40 motorcycles and he is passionate about encourage automotive manufacturers to find environmentally friendly transportation solutions. A self-confessed car hoarder and speed junkie, he also has a massive collection of car magazines, race memorabilia, and automobiles. He works with alternative fuels, hybrid and electric cars and other projects that were featured in Popular Mechanics. But he is also generous about sharing his love of cars and the freedom they represent with others — at least for the purpose of show. Last August, Leno sold his Fiat 500 to raise over $350,000 for wounded soldiers. But what’s really got his name in the news lately is the fact that he made a GOP joke.

Who is Jay LenoLeno’s political comments were featured on Dec. 26, 2013 in an article in the Washington Post. Why? Because he said that the Senator was responsible in a huge way for ruining the reputation of the political party without Barack Obama’s help.

Leno quipped on his talk show that Speaker of the House John Bohener has been quite quick to point fingers at United States President Barack Obama for destroying the reputation of the Republican party. But Boehner apparently missed the point of the remark — as have many right wing conservatives who are not happy with the Tonight Show host for sounding too liberal.

When the talk show host is not busy playing in traffic or causing political rows, he does his best to dedicate himself to being a good American — one who leans to the left without being too granola. That’s where bloggers and mainstream from the right-wing media miss their mark by attacking people.

Leno supports many charities that are not politically affiliated.  For instance, he is a long time supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and several other health related foundations and charities.

His other passion is helping disadvantaged and at-risk youth. Leno supports such charities as the Boys and Girls Foundation and Toys for Tots. Bailey’s Café is one of Leno’s favorite Los Angeles charities.

Obviously, he uses his star power wisely during his time off from the talk show. But it is important to note that when he does make a political joke on the show, people know. They know the reason why the jokes are funny is because humor is always rooted in some form of truth.

Granted, he’s no George Washington. He’s not chopping down cherry trees because he cannot tell a like, but the Baby Boomer Generation idol (who was born on April 28, 1950 and raised in Andover, Massachusetts) does know how to drive a humorous line home. His father is Italian and his mother is Scottish so he pulls no punches even if he throws a glancing blow.

And partially because he is from such a strong melting pot background, he’d able to connect with most Americans on an intellectual and emotional level.

But that’s why when he makes a political joke about either side (the left or the right) it hits so close to home. As a result, his words either anger or enlighten people about the state of politics in Washington and Washingtonian social circles.

Boehner might truly want to point fingers at the president, but most liberals and independent voters will say that his stalwart stance to stonewall the country’s first African-American president on every issue makes him look like a poor quality leader. Why? Because he’s not helping find solutions to America’s toughest humanitarian crisis — the economy. That, and he’s blocking civil rights for gay and lesbian individuals.

In the 21st century, one would think political officials would know better. That’s why everyone both understood and seems to be having a hard time disagreeing with Leno’s joke.


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