Jennifer Aniston: Pet friendly puppy mom still not pregnant?


Actress Jennifer Aniston, the new celebrity spokesperson for Aveeno products, is a green celebrity worth getting to know. As a loving pet owner and one of the most popular pet friendly celebrities, Aniston lost her beloved Welsh Corgi-Terrier mix, Norman, to old age last May. Soon thereafter, she proved her love by tattooing her dog’s name on her foot — presumably so he could always walk with her wherever she went in life while moving forward. That touching sentimental gesture got her noticed by the pet lovers of the world — leading entertainment news sources to speculate that she had been such a caring mom to her pup that perhaps she was ready for motherhood. Gather Celebs is speculating she may or may not be preggo. As of today, Jan. 26, there is no evidence that a baby bump is present — but she is making strides to be more committed to using her star power wisely advocating for animal rights, saving the planet and promoting the betterment of human lives.

Jennifer Aniston is pet friendlyFor starters, Aniston is serious about living in eco-friendly housing with her pets. According to Ecorazzi, her Beverly Hills, California home had solar arrays for her roof, solar-cell-embedded chimney covers, and extensive water-conserving landscaping outside — giving her a great place to walk with man’s [woman’s] best friend. She bought the private estate for $13.5 million in 2006 and was said to have put $15 million in eco-friendly renovations during construction projects that went on for more than two years. Sadly, never once did the star or any contractor discuss whether or not she was making more room for pets or babies. In fact, all the products she installed to lower her carbon footprint help her reduce the cost of living in her houses exponentially (which could help her fund buying diapers for baby or poop bags to clean up the yard when picking pet waste up after puppy).

She may have gotten a taste of living more modestly and picked up a few eco-friendly lifestyle habits like conserving resources and recycling when spent a year in Greece as a child. However, her New York upbringing — where stars like Leo DeCaprio have been building luxury homes with builders who specialize in designing high-tech sustainable homes — has made her the eco-chic actress she is today. Technically speaking, Aniston is also one of the most pot-friendly celebs, a celebrity stoner diva say inside sources who reveal she smokes weed daily.

Smoking pot may or may not be what fuels her creativity. She attended her first serious acting school at the “Fame” school, New York’s School of Performing Arts quite early, but she had a weak career until she auditioned for a role in the television comedy, “Friends.”  Her performance on the comedy show gained her a large audience that stayed with Aniston  as she went into the movie star stratosphere.

Born on February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California, her parents are actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow. John was a famous soap opera star — and his antics may be what have given his daughter a flair for drama.

Aniston was married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005.The two star celebs split when she refused to have children because she did not want to wreck her figure and she did not want to adopt because she claimed she’s rather be working, working out, doing yoga, or partying while sunbathing at the beach.

Today, she is engaged to 41-year-old fiancé Justin Theroux. She the subject of so many tabloid pregnancy reports, followed by bikini body photos that her audience has grown annoyed with the repeating drama. The most recent report from Enstars has Anniston going through fertility treatments and expecting twins, yet displaying her trademark flat abs at the beach.

When will the pet-friendly actress have a baby might be the biggest question for her die-hard fans, but here at Green Celebrity Network we’re far more interested in when she will adopt more puppies. And, of course, right now she’s on our star watch for her humanitarian activities.

So far, she’s has worked on several projects for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She started with the Thanks and Giving Campaign and has been involved with several more campaigns. Aniston is also a widely known as a celebrity contributor to  Habitat for Humanity. In addition, she openly supports the Gay and Lesbian community. The actress also received the GLAAD Vanguard award for her work in building understanding and awareness.

Will baby-making happen for her in 2013? Who knows. For now, it seems like a better option for green celeb gossip sources to speculate on what sustainable eco-friendly fashions she and her celebrity friends might wear to her upcoming wedding.


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