Love triangle: Taylor Swift dating Justin Bieber, betraying Selena Gomez?


Talk about your celebrity couples love triangle! On Jan 8, 2013, the National Inquirer ran a celebrity gossip news story claiming that your Taylor Swift is dating Justin Bieber. According to the source, the pop starlet has set romantic sites on the ex-boyfriend of her best friend Selena Gomez. But are they right?

Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez Love Triangle RumorGomez and Bieber were quite the hot young celebrity couple for the past few years and romance died off when she seemed to mature. The Biebs has been developing a reputation as a celebrity stoner, going the way of rap music singers. While her social network has remained almost entirely positive, his has begun to appear questionable in the eyes of conservative parents. Gomez and Swift (on the other hand) have been best friends now for several years, so when the tabloid made the shocking claim that Taylor has the hots for him their claim seemed to be an outlandish suggestion. Their “inside source” claims, “Taylor and Justin “phone and text each other at least four times a day, and they never even mention Selena.”

Oh, really… [insert eye roll here]

But seriously, Taylor Swift has dated so many young men the past few years — including some like actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Twilight star Taylor Lautner, and even Katy Perry‘s new boyfriend — rock star John Mayer. Dating Justin Bieber — who is just a kid and the fresh off the presses ex of her BFF — would be a serious back-slide for the young lady (even if he is incredibly rich and hitting his sexual prime at the age of 18).

Swift is in her 20s already and our insider sources say that she has done nothing but be supportive to Selena. Any texting or chatting that happens with Justin is not because she is interested in dating him. The star celebs have been friends and untangling his life from that of Selena’s is likely to be difficult.

While out inside sources say any call content or text messages between the two are private and can’t be verified, they say that Swift is simply the kind of person who people turn to when they need good advice, a shoulder to cry on, and the speak with a person who is not enamored with Hollywood flash.

Taylor is a very well liked, down to earth humanitarian who is (most likely) trying her best to stay a neutral party stuck with a certain level of conflicting loyalties between her friends. As anyone who has ever gone through a break-up knows, while one person may initiate it, the end of the relationship inevitably happens because both people have done things wrong.

As Gossip Cop reported on Jan. 9, the claims against the kids seem to be FALSE. Swift is not chasing after the Biebs — and contrary to the Enquirer’s report, she loves her best friend.

While Selena might be ready to move on to have a more adult relationship with a young man with more common interests (like helping her do more charity benefit work for UNICEF) , the Disney princess undoubtedly is guilty of making less than perfect decisions in how she communicates with Justin about her feelings. However, his wild partying and dating Victoria’s Secret models (as well as letting his tongue drag on the floor around them — causing her undoubted embarrassment) had to put a damper on her emotional spirits.

To that end, Selena probably was overly critical with him at times and acted mistrustful because — let’s face it — he is not acting like a trustworthy person. The celebrity baby scandal where a groupie alleged he fathered her child in a bathroom stall of a concert hall also was not likely to have built her confidence in their relationship.

Bieber, Gomez, and Swift are all well-known for being pet friendly star celebs, famous humanitarians, and famous celebrity friends. Shame on the National Enquirer for trying to make Selena Gomez’ doubt the good will of her own best friend.


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