Katie Couric: Cougar on the hunt again for sexy new cub?


Katie Couric, talk show host and former newscaster, is one of the most interesting women in the over 50 age bracket. She does charity work for organizations like the End Hunger Network, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and Locks Of Love. But despite all her good deeds, on Feb. 19, she was accused by the National Enquirer of being a cougar hunting for a new cub — even though she already has a long-term boyfriend. But is she thinking about dating younger men right now because her current (older) boyfriend is a dud? And if so, why is that a problem?

Who is Katie CouricCouric, a famous humanitarian, is presently dating a banker by the name of John Molner. She is 56 and he’s only 50 — so she’s still older. Her last serious boyfriend was 18 years her junior. Sexy, dynamic, and into dating younger men, she’s under heavy criticism for not warming up to a long-term relationship with her current same age boyfriend.

According to the celeb gossip news source, her friends and family members are all concerned that her obsession with younger men is ruining her current relationship with Molner. Their claim is that she’s presently obsessed with Super Bowl Quarterback Joe Flacco — the tall, dark, and handsome QB for the Baltimore Ravens football team.

But seriously — if Katie Couric does have a passion for dating younger and more exciting men, it should be her prerogative to do without criticism from tabloid media, shouldn’t it? On a purely intellectual level, middle age bankers simply don’t have the same level of raw sex appeal as a twenty something or thirty something celebrity athlete, do they?

Since she’s already famous, the likelihood of her being able to meet and connect with any younger man she wants is pretty good, so most single women over the age of 40 can’t really blame her for doing it.  After all, if you give a mouse a cookie, she’s going to eat it. But in a modern media environment, to have your name in the headlines for doing it can be problematic if you are a woman who wants to be taken seriously as a professional (if not a love interest).

The problem with her dating life being discussed publicly is that it potentially undermines her credibility as a reporter or journalist. For instance, she’s about to tackle a tough interview with Joe Paterno’s widow Sue Paterno says ABC News.

Granted, discussing child sex abuse allegations are not the same thing as Katie dating younger men, but having her own sexual preferences discussed in the media takes the focus off her ability to ask more difficult questions from controversial public figures and puts it on her romantic coups. And, what’s more, the source’s allegations will undoubtedly undermine her current relationship.

As such, before believing the hype about Katie Couric being the next Demi Moore when it comes to baby snatching handsome young star celebs and professional athletes from the dating pool of Hollywood social circles, it may be more prudent to wait to hear from the source herself whether or not her current relationship is something she’s voluntarily elected to walk away from because of any energetic dynamic failure. Celebrity couples seem to break up more often these days due to physical exhaustion from trying to make time to see one another and grueling commutes than they do for lack of interest.

To that end, while Molner might be a great guy, he and Katie Couric might break up simply because she’s so busy with her new talk show. After all, she is living the demanding and unpredictable life of a reporter and he’s locked into the routine of keeping banker’s hours — neither or which are likely to spark the flames of romance without making extra efforts.


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