Healthy roasted pumpkin seed recipes: How to green your Halloween treats

October 24, 2010 Green Celebrity Network 0

The Twilight and Lady Gaga pumpkin carving patterns are put away, but there’s a big pile of Halloween pumpkin seeds and pulp left over. This easy Toasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe uses up all those seeds that would have ended up in the compost bin. Don’t through away those seeds after pumpkin carving. Eat them! It’s a fast and easy way to eat healthy and do a little Halloween green recycling by multi-purposing your pumpkin carving as a family activity, arts and crafts project, and making healthy snacks kids and adults all will enjoy eating!

Pumpkin Carving Templates: Johnny Depp, True Blood, Zombieland

October 24, 2010 Green Celebrity Network 0

Looking for your favorite celebrity pumpkin carving templates? Glee, Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus, True Blood, Zombieland, Twilight Eclipse, Jonas Brothers, Willy Wonka, Harry Potter pumpkin carving stencils and templates are all here waiting for you to download, click and print. Celebrate Halloween by carving a pumpkin with the face of your favorite green celebrity!

Pumpkin Carving Stencils: Hot trends for Halloween pumpkins includes Twilight, Harry Potter

October 23, 2010 Green Celebrity Network 0

Halloween is BIG business for United States websites that specialize in selling merchandise for this spooky holiday. The following holiday websites might be giving stencils away free, but don’t be fooled. Advertising is where it’s at on these websites — and that’s the big green news. The side bars are full of Halloween related ads selling everything from Halloween costumes to cake decorating to travel destinations. With every Holiday ad you see online, it’s one less cut down tree. Support businesses that are going green with online advertising by clicking on at least one interesting ad you see on every site you visit this month to go green for Halloween! Read more here about the movie theme pumpkin carving stencil patterns that spent week two of 2010 trending on Twitter and Google Trends.

Selena Gomez gives Halloween concert for charity Trick or Treat for UNICEF

October 7, 2010 Green Celebrity Network 0

Disney star Selena Gomez does not need a green mask this Halloween — she’s not pretending. Gomez really is a green celebrity and she’s planning to do some trick or treating for charity. According to her website, the teen star who recently revealed a secret desire to cut Justin Bieber’s hair will be back as the national spokesperson for the third year in a row for the annual Halloween event for the world famous charity know as TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF.

Selena Gomez will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF with a special intimate concert at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday October, 26th. Tickets are $150

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