Royal Wedding Trivia: How much does a royal wedding cost to insure?

April 28, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Royal Wedding Trivia!

How much does a royal wedding cost to insure in the UK?

[Apr. 28]

Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married is one of the biggest media stories since the tragic marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Scores of journalist from around the globe are lining the streets of London at this hour looking for a unique story angle to tell. As far as royal wedding trivia goes, most of the bio stories are about Kate Middleton and her family. As far as weddings go, they are not the cheapest occasion and can cost a fortune for even the thriftiest of couples. While in the United States it is a custom for the family of the bride to foot the bill for the wedding, in the UK — at least for Prince William — it will be his family paying the larger share of the wedding bill.


Because the royal wedding will have a viewing gallery of millions as cameras from all corners of the globe converge on Westminster Abbey, London, on April 29th, 2011 — and security alone will be an enormous bill to pay. However, when it comes to planning events of such a great magnitude as a wedding — royal or otherwise — sometimes it pays to spend a few extra dollars to protect the day.

The Royal Family are not known for their austerity measures, so their need for insurance could save them from a disaster in front of the world’s prying eyes. That is where an insurance agent quote can come in handy — and why we here at GCN have welcomed a special guest post from Autonet Insurance to help us quote some fast fact and historical trivia about the cost to insure a royal wedding in the UK.

Prince William and Kate’s Royal Wedding Invitations Scandal Uncovered?

March 2, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Royal Wedding News!

Talk about your royal wedding scandal… counterfeit wedding invitations circulate?

[Mar. 2]

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is one of the biggest international news stories of the year. William and Kate, Prince William and Kate Middleton, spent a great deal of time conscientiously going over the guest list for the event scheduled to happen on April 29, 2011. Now, however, it looks like one unscrupulous vendor is selling a counterfeit wedding invitation on the black market.

ABC News reports:

A man claiming to work for the printing firm that produced the royal wedding invitations attempted to sell contraband invitations to an undercover reporter, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The reporter was contacted by a Los Angeles-based royal memorabilia dealer, who had been approached by the man trying to sell the counterfeit invitation.

The blank invitation shown to a reporter for the London newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, was almost identical to the authentic invites — missing only two dotted lines beneath where the names of the guests are written. In exchange for the black market goods, the man asked for 2,000 pounds ($3,200), also promising he could supply more.

Royal Wedding Invitations: Rumor overload about Fergie, Obama, Beckhams?

February 21, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Royal Wedding Invitations! Neither President Obama nor Sarah Ferguson (a.k.a. Fergie) have yet to receive invitations to the royal wedding between commoner Kate Middleton and Prince Charles, who is second in succession to be the next King of England. Victoria Beckham and Davis Beckham have, but they have not, leaving many people asking why. There is no word coming out of Washington about the apparent snub to President Obama, though there is time left until the April 29 royal wedding. Keep reading…

Gather says, “It has been suggested that protection for the President of the United St

Charitable Gifting: Gifts worthy of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding

January 17, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Charitable giving begins at Buckingham Palace. As Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning their April 29 royal wedding, they are also beginning to build their legacy as a royal power couple. Reports state the couple is asking wedding guests and well-wishers to donate to charities, rather than give them personal gifts. They realize the money otherwise spent on gifts will do a greater good when gifted to charities. Prince William and Kate plan to only accept personal gifts from close relatives.

“They want to use the goodwill towards them to help the causes close to them. They are conscious of the hard times the country is going through and do not want their wedding to be seen as ostentatious, ” a courtier said.

Strange News: Tony Blair in running to win Bad Sex Award for tell all book

October 16, 2010 Green Celebrity Network 0

Strange News!

Former British premier Tony Blair is up for a less than coveted literary award. The announcement was made Oct. 16 that the Iraq war bed buddy of former U.S. President George W. Bush is up for the least-coveted prize in literature — the Bad Sex Award.

In a passage from his new autobiography, “A Journey,” Blair reminisced about a night of passion with his wife Cherie. The strange news tale, “was deemed so cringe-worthy that Britain’s Literary Review magazine made him the first writer of a nonfiction work to be considered for the dubious honor…” says Fox News.

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