Humanitarian celeb Jon Bon Jovi uses star power wisely

April 12, 2013 Green Celebrity Network 0

Bon Jovi was born John Francis Bongiovi Jr. on March 2, 1962, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, according to He started playing the club scene at age sixteen. After playing with bands like Atlantic City Expressway, The Rest, The Lechers and John Bongiovi and the Wild Ones, he had his first hit single with Runaway. He later signed with Polygram records and was on his way to an acting career and a solo music career. But he is not just famous for making music. He’s also a noted humanitarian. Not only does he do charity work, he is known for treating his band mates with respect and kindness. Why did Richie Sambora quit? Keep reading…

Celebrity death hoax website targets charitable celebs and humanitarians

February 3, 2012 Green Celebrity Network 0

A new celebrity death hoax hit the internet claiming actor and comedian Eddie Murphy is dead. How funny (not). The Beverly Hills Cop movie series star says he’s very much alive (even if he’s not hosting the Oscars). According to TMZ, “The frenzy was triggered by The site has been spinning bogus stories about other celebs they claim are dead but are not — including Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Sheen, Adam Sandler, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Luke Perry, Jack Black, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Tom Green, Tiger Woods, and George Clooney. What have they been doing lately with their spare time? Helping charities. Keep reading..

Celebrity death ho-ho hoax good news for Jon Bon Jovi non-profit?

December 20, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

What better time than the holidays is there to use bad dish to promote good rumor mills news? Jon Bon Jovi saw his name trending on Google after a Christmas time celebrity death rumor started on Twitter. Alive and well, he’s been doing charity work. “When I learned that one in six people in this country goes to bed hungry, I thought this was the next phase of [my] Foundation’s work.”. Putting his hard-earned money where his mouth is (literally) in recent months, the 80s hair band leader known for his acting stint on the 90s hit TV show Ally McBeal with Calista Flockhart opened a non-profit restaurant called the Soul Kitchen. Keep reading…