Kim Kardashian’s hand-me-down maternity gown controversial


Pregnant Kim Kardashian revealed a ton of cleavage to waiting paparazzi photogs when she made an appearance at a frozen yogurt shop in Calif. on Apr. 3 wearing a hand-me-down maternity dress she may have borrowed from her little sister. Why was such an eco-friendly fashion statement so controversial? Because the reality TV star looked more like a poorly drawn cartoon than a fashion-forward diva.

New photos run by entertainment news websites like US Weekly and People magazine showed the reality television star looking painfully uncomfortable while wearing an off-white [almost beige], semi-sheer Grecian style maternity dress while sneaking out with friends to have a healthy but satisfying afternoon snack.

Wearing the same cleavage-bearing maternity dress was not a shocker when Kourtney Kardashian did it — mainly because she managed to gain a healthy amount of weight without going overboard. But Kim K appears to be struggling to keep her figure. The bigger she gets, tabloid magazines seem to be having a difficult time talking about much else than her (for lack of a better term) blossoming physique.

While US Weekly elected to share a story claiming that Kim had embraced her new curves, their readers gave her a big diss. Voting for Kourtney in overwhelming numbers in a “Who Wore It Better” poll, well over 70% thought that the younger, thinner sister looked impeccable in the maternity dress with some readers leaving negative comments about Kim that implied she looked more like a heifer.

People magazine writers were a bit more kind, saying only that Kim’s maternity style seems to be following a pattern of taking one step forward and two steps back. But regardless of the disparaging comments about Kim’s new buxom physique, the celebrity really did make a provocative fashion statement by being willing to wear a previously worn item.

Her willingness to wear the same maxi-dress as her little sister showed that the reality TV star can make an eco-friendly gesture to the green community successfully even if the gown itself was less than flattering.

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