Pregnant Kim Kardashian criticized for going out braless

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So seriously, how much is too much when it comes to maternity modesty? Kim Kardashian has been very busy testing the boundaries of letting the puppies breathe as of late.

Thanks to Kanye West impregnating her with what most “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” fans hope will be the world’s most spoiled rotten and adorable mixed race baby she’s been the talk of all the supermarket tabloids lately. But not all is wonderful in the land of maternity fashion for the mom to be.

Kim Kardashian bigger than pregnant Jessica Simpson?

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Kim Kardashian was caught on camera looking absolutely miserable and almost as big as a pregnant Jessica Simpson in a new photo published by US Weekly magazine. Taken while she was on her way in to a frozen yogurt shop in California for an afternoon treat on Apr. 3, the reality television star’s ample cleavage was revealed to paparazzi.

The supermarket tabloid ignored the fact that Kardashian was making an utterly horrified face at the photographer and said that the star is embracing her new curves happily. However, from the look of the photo, nothing could be further from the truth — something pointed out by People magazine.

Taylor Lautner not dating Kristen Stewart

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On Feb. 13, 2013 Star Magazine UK reported that actor Taylor Lautner was, “bowled over” by the love and attention he got from his celebrity friends that attended his 21st birthday bash. But they were also very clear to point something else out — the “Twilight” star is not putting the moves on former on-screen love interest Kristen Stewart (even though it sounds like Robert Pattinson was nowhere near).

Other media outlets like E! Online and ABC news shared the good news that KStew seemed happy and animated when she attended his birthday party — which seemed rather odd since Lautner actually always seemed to be closer emotionally to his on-screen rival RPatz.

Jennifer Aniston in therapy again over Brad Pitt breakup?

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Jennifer Aniston news! On Jan. 30, Gossip Cop reported on a new celebrity scandal rumor started by a tabloid news organization. Grocery store news stand headlines that day proclaimed that the Hollywood actress has started therapy to help her get over her alleged obsession with ex-husband Brad Pitt. With the actor talking so proudly about his current fiancĂ©e Angelina Jolie, it might be stinging the celeb’s ego a bit — but she herself has moved on and is marrying Justin Theroux. So, Gossip Cop was on the money calling the new rumors into question for being suspicious.