Kim Kardashian pregnant, maternity fashion, and celebrity weight gain


Kim Kardashian pregnant by rapper Kanye West — watching the spectacle has been a horrible but fascinating thing. She’s gone from looking like a perfectly drawn cartoon character to being an internet joke in no time. Actually, she was criticized on Apr. 12, 2013, by the celeb gossip website Wetpaint for her wardrobe choices — because apparently, she left her bra at home when she headed out to run errands on a sunny California day.

The scandalous but otherwise philanthropic reality television star was previously known for having nearly impeccable fashion taste. But now that she’s dating the singer and aspiring fashion mogul, her choices in maternity wear are simply hard on the eyes and difficult to write nicely about (with the exception of when she wears hand-me-down maternity clothes or is sending baby gifts to Kate Middleton as part of her royal suck up ways).

“Kim Kardashian pregnant” magazine photos help publishers sell print mags in volume — while headlines reading things like “Kim Kardashian miserable pregnant” help online entertainment news journals get record clicks on articles from readers obsessed with seeing the maternity progress Kim K makes. She’s even be photographed jaunting about in Beverly Hills braless as of late, confirming rumors that her breasts are entirely too large right now to be contained.

Granted, yes — Kim Kardashian looks miserable pregnant. And yes, she does have a new look that her fans and critics alike have coined as “Kim Kardashian pregnancy face”. But seriously… does the fact that she even has a look called pregnancy face mean the celeb is using her star power wisely or does it mean that she’s so vapid and utterly useless in society that she’s become a symbol of why women need to insist wayward and ego-maniacal rap music singers use protection while they date?

We’d like to think that Kim K would be smart enough to use her celebrity mom-to-be status to help promote more charitable and humanitarian causes. Instead, she has been quite busy fattening her bank account by flaunting her tatas around all over the place, but so far she’s not been doing that much charity work of note as of late.

Had she used her enormous cup size to promote a charity organization like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation or used her maternity status to show her support for non-profit organizations like the March of Dimes, we could easily throw more positive press her way. But as it stands, all that’s left to discuss the ever-growing proportions of Kim K is related to her celebrity weight gain.

And that’s sad really… because she’s perpetually letting so much star power go to waste.


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