Green Racing: Charitable Indy 500 champion dies in fiery crash

October 22, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

In the days before his death, Indy car racer Dan Wheldon participated in a fund raiser that netted over $40,000 for charity. Now, his sports memorabilia is being auctioned off to help raise money for his own family. INDYCAR, the governing body of the auto racing series where the young driver competed, has been working with GreenFuel Technologies to improve the energy consumption of the cars, to make them more environmentally friendly. Killed in a tragic accident that happened on the track in Las Vegas, Wheldon’s legacy will surely be rule changes made to protect drivers from suffering in similar accidents. Keep reading…

RIP Amy Winehouse: What really killed the 27-year-old singer?

July 23, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Celebrity Death issues related to drugs and alcohol are always hard to write about. Comparing Amy Winehouse to singer Janis Joplin is an easy call, as the women both knew how to belt out a tune and never turned down a “Last Call”. She has also been likened to other dead male celebs like Jim Morrison from The Doors as well as guitar legends Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

But sources have not yet confirmed whether overdose was involved. So what really killed Amy Winehouse? While medical reports are not yet in (with the body only recently discovered) and toxicology labs will undoubtedly turn up a host of legal drugs and illegal elements, fans say her lifestyle did her in.

“British police say singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her home in London on Saturday, July 23, 2011…” shares the Washington Post. But what killed her? Keep reading…

Celebrity Death: RIP Betty Ford, famous breast cancer survivor dead at 93

July 8, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Betty Ford, the former first lady and wife of President Gerald Ford, the only American president never elected to the offices of both president and vice president, died Friday, July 7, 2011. She was 93. Betty Ford was and will continue to remain an American icon for her support of women’s rights, for her advocacy for breast cancer research, and the for the namesake Betty Ford Center, responsible for saving thousands of lives from drug and alcohol addiction. Want to know more about her work as a green celebrity? Keep reading…

Celebrity Health: Dramatic confession about Farrah Fawcett death emerges

June 21, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Celebrity Health!

Dramatic confession about Farrah Fawcett death emerges from actor Ryan O’Neal?

[Jun. 21]

Pin-up poster girl Farrah Fawcett cancer death caused by what? Her emotional health — not her physical medical condition? Talk show host Piers Morgan knows how to get provocative quotes out of celebrities during celebrity interviews on TV. His latest victim? Farrah Fawcett, the former supermodel and Charlie’s Angel who died in 2009 after a long bout with cancer. How did she become his latest celeb gossip subject? Because her long time live in lover and actor Ryan O’Neal is promoting himself — and he made some very controversial remarks to Morgan about her celebrity health and fitness status in the years prior to the death of the actress most famous for her red swimsuit poster, big Texas smile, and her once sunny disposition. O’Neal claimed that Farrah was a health activist and a happy person before getting emotionally entangled with him and his toxic family. Her step-children (essentially) might not have been bound to her by blood or marriage, but their dysfunctional family antics certainly contributed to making her otherwise charmed life full of absolute misery. After spending so many years with the star and his celebrity children, something happened to take the focus off them and put the spotlight back on her own life and emotional wellness: she was diagnosed with cancer, a type that ended up being fatal.

James Arness, Amanda Blake, and John Wayne Hollywood heroes in Westerns?

June 5, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Go West!

James Arness, Amanda Blake, and John Wayne Hollywood American heroes as star celebs in Westerns?

[Jun. 5]

Gunsmoke was a popular television series based on life in the Wild, Wild West that aired from 1955 to 1975. Recently deceased actor James Arness played the lead role Marshal Matt Dillon, while his love interest Miss Kitty was played by the lovely red headed actress Amanda Blake. The Marshal’s assistant was named Chester, a character played by actor Dennis Weaver. He won an Emmy for playing that role; however, when he left the show, the beloved and quirky character of Festus Haggen took over as a TV show favorite, a part that was played by a well-respected theater actor named Ken Curtis. Actor Milburn Stone played the character called Doc. TV shows back in the day featured complex plots with simple story line development, so viewers were engaged with the show on both an individual episode and long-term series level. Gunsmoke originally aired on CBS television, but is now a television show most would look to find as re-runs on cable network television stations or that folks would seek to buy on DVD to watch with their kids and grandkids. Why? Because during the time Gunsmoke aired the show sought to promote good morals. People lived off the land in a more sustainable way with respect for the environment. Relationships were less complex and the focus in daily life was placed on community harmony. There was a clearer sense of right and wrong the TV show portrayed back in the day — something noticeably from many modern television series. For that reason, many of the star celebs who became household names thanks to cast members earning 4 Golden Globes nominations and 3 Emmy Awards are looked upon as American pop culture heroes.

Celebrity Death: God decided the right time for Jack Kevorkian to die?

June 3, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Celebrity Death!

God decided the right time for Dr. Jack Kevorkian to die?

[Jun. 3]

Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian was a humanitarian who didn’t choose assisted suicide for himself? In an Associated Press report, the Washington Post shared very real trivia that Dr. Jack Kevorkian had claimed to have assisted at least 130 people commit suicide. “Those outraged by what he did accused him of being unethical and playing God.” However, in the case of Jack Kevorkian and his celebrity death, it seems God decided the right time to take him. Jack Kevorkian, known as Dr. Death for his right-to-die advocacy, has died. Kevorkian who was an unapologetic supporter of assisted suicide, died at age 83 early Friday morning at William Beaumont Hospital, a Detroit area hospital in Royal Oak. Kevorkian had been hospitalized for kidney and respiratory problems, according to the Huffington Post. Surprisingly, in spite of his advocacy for assisted suicide, he did not take that option himself. “It’s not necessarily murder,” Kevorkian told Mike Wallace in a recent celebrity interview for television. “But it doesn’t bother me what you call it. I know what it is…” said the convicted felon. Dr. Jack Kevorkian had been nicknamed Dr. Death, following a string of assisted suicide cases in the 1990s. While Kevorkian had been acquitted on murder charges for several of the assisted suicide cases, he ultimately wound up in prison on a 10 to 15 year prison sentence for second degree murder. He served eight of those years and had been released from jail as a celebrity senior citizen and cult folk hero back in 2007.

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