Hollywood Vegan: Charlie Sheen Goddess breaks veggie diet for tiger blood?

March 11, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Charlie Sheen News!

Is Bree Olson vegan lifestyle compatible with Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood?

[Mar. 11]

Rachel Oberlin (a.k.a. Bree Olson) is the Goddess who has continued to stick by Charlie Sheen throughout all his antics over his dispute with the creators of Two and a Half Men, his being fired by Warner Bros. Television, and his less than stable rants about Winning, being Adonis, and having Tiger Blood. Bree Olson is also a vegan. She is well on her way, courtesy of Charlie Sheen’s crazy, to becoming the next big green celebrity.

But this has a lot of people confused. You would think that our newest green celebrity, Bree Olson, being a vegan, would object to a lifestyle of animal suffering. That’s the vegan take on animal rights, yes? Maybe comparing Charlie Sheen to a suffering animal is a stretch. We’re not entirely sure he’s suffering or that he’s an animal, although maybe having Tiger Blood qualifies him.

Maybe Bree Olson just is waiting around for Charlie Sheen to get his twin boys back. [She may have a long wait if he keeps up the vitriol and name-calling over Sheen’s Korner on UStream.] Maybe she really is just a live-in Goddess nanny. But it’s hard to imagine anyone remotely resembling a green celebrity vegan sharing air time and living space with a man like Charlie Sheen. It’s tough not to imagine him tearing into the subjects of his attacks like a hyena on a kill.

Maybe that’s why “the Rach” (Rachel Oberlin, a.k.a. Bree Olson) disappeared a few days ago. Perhaps the green celebrity couldn’t handle the animalistic nature of Sheen’s Tiger Blood. But she was back soon enough.

Hayden Panettiere to star as Foxy Knoxy Amanda Knox on Lifetime channel?

February 21, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Hollywood Gossip!

Hayden Panettiere to star as Foxy Knoxy (Amanda Knox) on Lifetime channel?

[Feb. 21]

Hayden Panettiere, best known for her role as Claire Bennet, the cheerleader who has miracle healing powers in the NBC hit series Heroes, is slated to star as Amanda Knox (a.k.a. Foxy Knoxy), the now 22-year-old American student accused of murdering her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, while the two resided in Italy. The film will premiere on the Lifetime channel later this month, and the Hollywood gossip surrounding the latest news updates on the tragic story have kept the topic on Google trending.

Why? Because it seems Knox’ parents are protesting the film, saying it could hurt Amanda Knox’ chances on appeal. Knox, and her co-defendants, boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and a third killer, Rudy Guede, are all currently awaiting an appeal trial regarding the murder. Furthermore, Panettiere is of Italian descent, which may lend itself to the controversy.

Meredith Kercher’s family doesn’t seem to like it any more. “A gruesome murder sequence in Lifetime’s “The Amanda Knox Story” has reportedly been cut after Amanda Knox’s and Meredith Kercher’s family complained about the scene,” reports The New York Daily News.

Celebrity Kids Fashions: Faux fur fashion stir thanks to Suri Cruise?

January 25, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Paparazzi from the Daily Mail UK caught up with Hollywood actress and world-famous celebrity mom Katie Holmes out shopping for a girls day out with darling daughter Suri Cruise in Vancouver, Canada. Exciting in and of itself? Only if you like celebrity kids spotting. However, we think the whole Katie-Suri shopping adventure was cool because the mainstream media chose to profile little Suri Cruise — the adorable daughter of actor Tom Cruise — for being an eentsie-weentsie pet friendly celebrity.

Green Light on Bill Clinton: Liberal ex-president turns Vegan?

January 23, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Just last week, the Baby Boomer ex-president Bill Clinton was spotted by the Paparazzi hanging out with another green celebrity — the lovely Miss Cameron Diaz. He’s also been know to hang out with star celebs like Brad Pitt and even George Clooney. However, this celebrity sighting happened in Miami when Bill Clinton was spotted playing third wheel on a date with Cameron Diaz and baseball player boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. He was there hanging out with the Hollywood elite because he’s got a cameo role in the new movie Hangover 2. Keep reading…

Pet friendly teen idol Justin Bieber new celebrity spokesperson for PETA?

January 20, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Justin Bieber: the boy every grandparent wishes was their grandchild, the son every mother and father would love to have, and the dream date for any girl under the age of 18. He is almost as cute as a basket full of cuddly kittens. The 16 year old celebrity heart throb is so talented, wholesome and uninhibited along with being a real cute kid will be “Purrfect” celebrity to give his star power endorsement to PETA. At any age, who would not want to buddy up with celebrity Justin Bieber? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) raised their hand first and asked for his celebrity endorsement. Keep reading…

Celebrity Tattoos: Tattoo quotes on Pamela Anderson hot or not in Hollywood?

December 27, 2010 Green Celebrity Network 0

Celebrity Tattoos!

Pamela Anderson went from Tommy to Mommy with custom tattoo cover up for Gen X pinup girl —

[Dec. 27]

Celebrity love tatts have been all the rage in Hollywood the past few years. Celebrity tattoos on female star celebs like Angelina Jolie helped to make the trend of getting tattoos with fancy designs to create the name of celebrity boyfriends, lovers, and husbands seemed to be the hip and trendy thing to do if you were a young celebrity couple in love in Hollywood. But what happens when celebrity couples split up — yet the star celebs are left permanently embossed? They get the tattoos removed by laser surgery or covered up with fresh in. At least that is what celebrity blonde bombshell and Vegetarian animal rights activist Pamela Anderson did when her romance with Motley Crue rock music musician and drummer Tommy Lee first broke up. Pam and Tommy have two celebrity kids. When they split, Pamela Anderson had the love tatt on her ring finger changed from saying TOMMY to MOMMY as proof of devotion to her children.

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