Honey Bees: Amazing pictures of Bee Keepers covered in insects

January 22, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Honey Bees!

Queen Bee insect and Honey Bee workers teach humans moral lesson to always bee the best person you can be (like the green celebrities in Bee Movie) —

[Jan. 22 — Amazing insect photography featuring bee keepers and their nectar seeking friends]

Bee Movie is a children’s cartoon classic made by Dream Words Studios. The family film features the voices of green celebrity actress Renee Zellweger and green celebrity actor Jerry Seinfeld as the hero and heroine characters. [Both are noted humanitarians and eco friendly activists.] The movie sparked the imagination of many young people who became interested in the history of bees and bee keeping.

Bees are known for making honey. Honey bees are loyal to their queen and always work to bring pollen and nectar back to the queen bee in the bees nest. Insects are fascinating to study in general, and while bees might be an insect you want to study from afar, the social interaction of bees while in the hive reveals a great deal about how a species can use positive interaction between society members who each have their own place in the social heierchy that help create functional and prosperous colonies. The children’s Bee Movie really emphasized this humanitarian theme. [Well, insect – arian, actually.]

Workers help the queen bee to tend to her eggs which are kept safely in the hive. Worker bees also visit a wide variety of local garden flowers, bringing back pollen and nectar that helps nourish the colonies residents and keep the hive thriving.

Bees rely on plants and plants rely on bees. When ever a bee flies to visit flowers, they take little bits of pollen and nectar between the plants to help cross pollination.

Bees are helpful little insects — but they are not much fun when they sting! Check out these amazing bee keeper photos. These bee your best bee keeper seen in the “man covered in bees” photos below are folks are far braver than me! Amazing. Simply amazing.

Which Jersey Shore girl is leaving reality TV for a career in professional wrestling?

January 9, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Jersey Shore News!

[Jan. 9 — News + Editorial]

No, it’s not an oil slick due to hair gel or spray tan residue from the Guidos and Guidettes. The hair spray cloud has not clogged all New Jersey ventilation systems. We’re not even dealing with the fact that Snooki and JWOWW have made a seriously insulting anti-Semitic ranting video attacking one of Green Celebrity News Networks’ favorite talk show hosts and green celebrities Joy Behar this week. Today, the breaking headline news announcement is that Jersey Shore reality television star Angelina Pivarnick might be leaving reality television for a career in professional wrestling.

Now, if you are like us — and don’t watch Jersey Shore with any regularity (if ever) you might be saying to yourself right now, “Who cares?” Well, quite frankly we do, as we think the TNA wrestling arena is the perfect place for all those who worship the Jersey Shore girl way of life or former cast members wrestling with unemployment to be directed while watching TV.

We also think that corralling these people in a stadium and chaining the doors shut, sending in liquor and nacho cheese topped items for sustenance and anything else these bizarre people need to be happy.

Huge List of Bad Celebrity Couples: The Hollywood scandals, break-ups, splits, and divorces of 2010

January 1, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

Celebrity Couples!

Hollywood History: Which famous celebrity couples broke up in 2010? —

[Jan. 1]

You’ve heard about the Hollywood scandals from celebrity gossip sources like TMZ and Radar Online. You’ve read about the break-ups in entertainment journals like People and OK Magazine. You’ve even watched the Twitter trending topic shift the news tickers on CNN when some new Hollywood love affair splits. So what were the biggest Hollywood scandals, break-ups, splits and divorces of 2010 that never reconciled throughout the year?

You KNOW Oksana and Mel Gibson called it quits after tapes of him ranting and raving at her following what appear

Good Sports: Ellen Page promotes Canadian health and fitness thanks to indoor roller skating movie role?

November 13, 2010 Green Celebrity Network 0

Young green celebrity actress teen and ‘tween fave Ellen Page has accomplished quite a bit already during her stint in Hollywood and on feature films. At the ripe old age of 23, she has already garnered an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. However, for many of her fans in her native Canada, celebrity actress Page’s role in Whip It has spurred a renewed popularity in the sport of roller derby for health and fitness.

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