Jennifer Aniston Smart Water viral video not promoting a green product?

March 11, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

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Jennifer Aniston Smart Water video goes viral — too bad product was not green…

[Mar. 11]

Jennifer Aniston has starred in a new ad campaign for Smart Water. The ad hit the internet and quickly became another viral video. So what does Smart Water from Glacéau do? You guessed it. They decided to throw in as many references as they could to viral videos that worked. As a result, they managed to create a Smart Water viral video of their own. But Jennifer Aniston makes it funny, really, mocking other viral videos and the fanaticism that has followed them.

Advertisers are taking a page from the viral video playbook, and it makes sense. If a viral video on YouTube or some other site can generate hundreds of thousands of hits in days (and users have to search for these viral videos), advertisers are itching to figure out what makes viral videos tick. If there is any sort of formula to it, advertisers easily could make millions (or billions) in a matter of weeks by putting up the right green celebrity like Jennifer Aniston in a viral video ad for a captive audience already glued to the television.

Even though Jennifer Aniston is a green celebrity, bottled water like Smart Water isn’t all green. Environmentalists note the impact that bottled water has on the environment.

Green Celebrities: Emma Watson sustainable eco fashion design inspired?

February 27, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

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Emma Watson’s experience with People Tree eye-opening star claims —

[Feb. 27]

Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the series, recently visited Bangladesh to work on her own line of clothes for the ethical Fair Trade clothing line, People Tree. She had been frustrated by the lack of Fair Trade clothing for people her age and has branded her own “Love from Emma” collection with People Tree.

“I didn’t feel that there was a huge amount of clothes out there that are Fair Trade and organic and it’s so great to give people the choice to wear something that makes the world a better place, to wear clothing that does some good. Clothes are fabulous and can transform the way someone feels about themselves and you can transform someone’s life at the same time, which is a pretty amazing thing to do.” said Emma Watson.

“In 2011 the best of fair trade clothing will hit the high streets and the catwalk, moving from the preconceived notion of fair trade clothing as hippie market material to mainstream fashion statements,” notes

Google Doodle makes people ask Who is Henry Ford? (Industrial Hemp Activist)

February 11, 2011 Green Celebrity Network 0

On Friday, Feb. 11, 2011, a well known name from history began to trend thanks to a Google Doodle — the daily drawing of the Google logo that changes every day to draw attention to a special person, place, thing, or idea. The doodle featured a moving sketch inspired by great inventors Thomas Edison (who invented the light bulb), Alexander Graham Bell (who invented the telephone), and car man Henry Ford. Keep reading…

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