Why Angelina Jolie has the best engagement ring in Hollywood

April 14, 2012 Green Celebrity Network 0

Brad Pitt’s manager confirmed celebrity gossip reports that claimed Brangelina was finally going to be a legally official thing in April of 2012 after she was spotted out on the 12th wearing an enormous left hand diamond ring. According to them, the movie star who loves volunteering for charity and is studying how to build sustainable architecture projects for the betterment of humanity finally asked longtime life partner Angelina Jolie to be his bride. That’s great news — because despite millions of online gossip rumors to the contrary, apparently the happy couple is indeed (as we suspected all along) conflict-free! Keep reading…

Celebrity Apprentice 2012: Who is Lou Ferrigno and why is he famous?

March 5, 2012 Green Celebrity Network 0

As a green celebrity and famous humanitarian, Lou Ferrigno (the body builder and fromer Mr. Universe who played The Incredible Hulk on TV) has given his celebrity endorsement to non-profit organizations like The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in addition to Starkey and the MDA. As for his more recent history in Hollywood, Lou Ferrigno was on hand as a presenter for a lifetime achievement award for comic book hero Stan Lee, who was the co-creator of such characters as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. Now, he’s on Celebrity Apprentice. Keep reading…

Celebrity Death: Monkees singer Davy Jones loved horses and humanity

February 29, 2012 Green Celebrity Network 0

Voted “Cutest Guy” by Nickelodeon for 1986 and 1987, Baby Boomer David Jones (aka Davy Jones, lead singer of 60s band The Monkees) guest starred in episodes of the American television series “My Two Dads” [a show watched by many members of Gen X]. In 1993, fans spotted him guest starring as himself in an episode of the popular “Herman’s Head.” Before that time, he appeared on the hit show of the same name, was nominated for a Tony Award on Broadway, and acted on British TV as a child star. Born in 1945, Jones dies at the age of 66. A charitable celeb and horseman, he will be remembered fondly as a pet-friendly humanitarian. Keep reading…

Madonna embarrassed by M.I.A. Super Bowl scandal because it hurt charity

February 10, 2012 Green Celebrity Network 0

During the 2012 Super Bowl, Madonna put on the halftime show with Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, and Cee Lo Green. According to The Sun, Madonna was shocked at the lack of professionalism of the pop star M.I.A. (who flipped the bird and swore on live TV). Madonna is a proud co-founder Raising Malawi and a proud supporter of UNICEF and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. But if M.I.A, a charitable celeb in her own right who supports social justice and sustainability through the 4REAL Foundation and pediatric cancer treatment through the Pablove Foundation, can embarrass a superstar like Madonna, she may need to change her tune. Keep reading…

Celebrity death hoax website targets charitable celebs and humanitarians

February 3, 2012 Green Celebrity Network 0

A new celebrity death hoax hit the internet claiming actor and comedian Eddie Murphy is dead. How funny (not). The Beverly Hills Cop movie series star says he’s very much alive (even if he’s not hosting the Oscars). According to TMZ, “The frenzy was triggered by MediaFetcher.com. The site has been spinning bogus stories about other celebs they claim are dead but are not — including Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Sheen, Adam Sandler, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Luke Perry, Jack Black, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Tom Green, Tiger Woods, and George Clooney. What have they been doing lately with their spare time? Helping charities. Keep reading..

Justin Bieber fans Birthday song to Biebs a priceless gift for charity?

January 30, 2012 Green Celebrity Network 0

Justin Bieber is well known for his generous financial gifts to charities large and small. He’s helped out charity benefit causes like supporting troubled teens and the need to help feed impoverished families by making donations to food banks. Now a fan group has taken steps to give back in their own way, honoring Justin Bieber by singing him a birthday tune as a gift in the process. Justin Crew, operated by a young fan named Vivian, intends to work with two other non-profit organizations to produce a song and video charity single. Vivian broached the idea on Twitter and got a lot of encouragement, so the young humanitarian. Keep reading…

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