DWTS All-Stars 2012: Sabrina Bryan voted off exposed voting scandal?


Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel earned three 10s (a perfect score) during their Monday night dance routine but were sent home on Oct. 30, 2012 from the All-Star season. Why was the charitable dance pro’s partner really kicked off the popular reality television show? Likely due to a voting scandal. She scored three 10s again — just like she was when she was sent home during her original season. What is really going on with Dancing With The Stars voting system? Keep reading…

Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van AmstelThere are rumors and allegations that voting is rigged since Bristol Palin was able to go so far in the competition with no real talent or personality. “The Cheetah Girls” Sabrina Bryan is the opposite of her but can’t stay on the show long enough to win it. Show producers — what gives?

Sabrina Bryan and charitable celeb Louis Van Amstel danced an emotionally charged Rumba on October 29th for Country Music Night on Dancing With The Stars. She hoped to show real emotion about a bad relationship drama she had endured. An ex-boyfriend of hers was, “… very addicted to drugs” and, “… could not help himself”. Using the experience as a springboard for the choreography, the Disney princess did what most fans thought was her best dance yet.

Bruno said the shapes she made were beautiful and her dance timing seamless. Breaking into tears she hugged Carrie Ann. The female judge praised her vulnerability and said she had goosebumps throughout the dance. Len lavished the dancers with praise and gave extra kudos to Louis for the choreography.

The Cheetah Girl was the first of the star celebs to earn perfect 10s.

But couples who were declared safe by show host Tom Bergeron on Oct. 30, 2012 were:

Emmitt and Cheryl
Kelly and Val
Shawn and Derek
Peta and Gilles
Kirstie and Maksim
Melissa and Tony

In Jeopardy:
Apolo and Karina
Sabrina and Louis

Voted off?

Sabrina Bryan from The Cheetah Girls.

After hearing the discouraging news that the talented but petite dancer was sent home from the show while Kirstie Alley (who can barely keep up with her partner Maksim at this point) was kept on, the results gave loyal viewers pause.

Since the celebrity judges scores are worth half, that means the more popular and well-known celebs have a better chance of winning the competition even if they can’t dance.

Should the show producers consider making a change that makes the judges votes worth more than the phone in calls or internet clicks on favorites? It depends on what they think is more important — the show’s integrity as a dance competition or what it has become… nothing more than an extreme spectator sport whose winner is the ballroom equivalent of Prom King or Prom Queen.

If DWTS becomes nothing more than a popularity contest they are likely to lose their core viewing audience. Sabrina was a great dancer who really tried her best.

But don’t think she’s a charity case like Kelly Osbourne was for her pro this season. Read more about Louis Van Amstel’s favorite charities here. She was no where near the “I feel sorry for you” list like the rocker reality star was — mainly because the little girl can dance.

In the end, it was evident she simply lost DWTS the popularity contest because she’s not as rich, famous. or pretty as the rest.


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