Rihanna’s pot friendly post on Twitter provokes marijuana critics


Oh, Rihanna — don’t you know that to be a good advocate for the legalization of marijuana it is best to speak respectfully and responsibly about weed? A green news controversy was flourishing on the web by Jan. 5, 2012 with news that the singer had posted a pro-marijuana tweet followed by some nasty language that explained succinctly that she could care less what puritanical war-on-drugs believers think.

Rihanna smoking potRiRi is a famous humanitarian who might not always make the best decisions in life — *cough DATING CHRIS BROWN* — but she does try to do the right thing on most occasions when it comes to being sweet to fans and volunteering for charities. She’s given her celebrity endorsement over the years to non-profit organizations like UNICEF, the Red Cross, and Entertainment Industry Foundation.

Celebrity Gossip Net shared the following account of her tweet scandal on their entertainment news website, saying:

Never one to censor herself, Rihanna may have crossed the line with her recent Twitter picture of what looks to be marijuana.

The “Take a Bow” songstress took a photo of a bud of pot and added the caption, “This nug look like a skull or am I just…?”

And while some of her followers were pleased, others responded with anger like, “Why r u teaching other girls who look up to you to do this?”

In typical stoner form, Ri-Ri fired back, “I don’t really give a f**k.”


So much for being a positive role model in the celebrity stoner community — one who could have perhaps taken the spotlighted moment to add links to positive health news about weed.

Why couldn’t she have tweeted out something about the High Times 420 campaign? She could have even made a joke about watching 420 marijuana movies.

But, instead, she simply mouthed off at her critics in a way that was rude and did nothing to promote the legalization of marijuana. The naturally occurring substance has been outlawed in most American states for more than 75 years now and people who smoke it still face huge stigmas.

If celebrity stoners like Rihanna all came out in the open and used their star power wisely to help legislators pass decriminalization acts then everyone would benefit. But, just getting mad because you post a pot smoker joke that offends somebody is not the best way to handle things in the online community.

Just saying…

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