Pet friendly Kaley Cuoco lands funny new role with William Shatner


Pet-friendly Kaley Cuoco from “Big Bang Theory” joked about dog shaming on People’s Choice Awards 2013. Her dog sat in one of the audience seats like a good boy while the video taped segment aired. On Jan. 12, her interesting career was the focus of a special feature article in The Northwestern. The entertainment news report revealed that she and “Star Trek” captain William Shatner will both be starring in upcoming commercials for his travel company Priceline.

Kaley Cuoco and William ShatnerNerds and geeks everywhere know that there is an abundance of  Trekkie humor presented regularly on “The Big Bang Theory”. The show was voted best comedic TV series by the People Choice Awards viewers in 2013. The Northwestern says, “In an upcoming campaign for the online travel services company, Shatner’s Negotiator reveals he has a daughter, played by Cuoco.” According to leaked news about the funny commercials, “She’s been schooled since childhood in the art of — what else? — deal-making, and now is ready to join dad in pitching Priceline.”

The website shared, “The actors taped a pair of spots for the ad campaign that begins Jan. 14, with plans for two more commercials to be shot this summer, Cuoco said.” Fans of Cuoco on the “Big Bang Theory” can safely predict the actor and actress will both have good chemistry on-screen. “She and Shatner turned out to be a good comedic match and had “way too much fun” making the spots, Cuoco said…” in a recent celebrity interview. Shatner allegedly returned the compliment, and has publicly called her “quite a talent.”

Known for liking pretty ladies, Shatner’s admiration of Cuoco comes as no surprise. Not only does she inspire nerdy guys to drool, she is also regularly featured posing in her underwear and tiny nighties for an assortment of gentleman’s magazines.

Shatner, a famous humanitarian himself, was recently given one of the greatest recognitions any science fiction star could receive. Talking about travel, he was tweeted by an astronaut from outer space. The eccentric Hollywood icon once auctioned off his own kidney stone for charity.

William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco are both pet friendly animal rights activists. Each have lobbied to raise money for various animal shelters and spoke out in favor of pet adoption — although Shat has been known to appreciate a good purebred dog show.

Cuoco closed the 2013 People’s Choice Awards show — one she hosted — with a plea for viewers to adopt pets form their local animal shelters.


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