Famous humanitarians: Howard Stern (the shocking celebrity truth revealed)


Howard Stern is probably not the first star celeb that comes to mind when thinking of charitable causes, but he’s actually quite a bright green celebrity in his own right. Best known for his syndicated radio show, that received more FCC fines than any other show, Howard Stern is most recently known as a judge on America’s Got Talent, having replaced former judge Piers Morgan in 2012. He also got himself in a bit of hot water in 2013 for calling Golden Globe award winner Lena Dunham “fat” — but tried to make up for it by letting her call into his talk show to chastize him.

Who is Howard Stern“Shock Jock” Howard Stern is married to the spokesperson for┬áNorth Shore Animal League America, Beth Stern — and a cheeky Lena Dunham teased him for marrying such a skinny girl. In 2011, Stern got on board with his wife, to create a calendar of shelter pets. Each month of the calendar has a picture of Beth Stern with one of the many lovable and adoptable canines and felines available from the shelter she works for.

Beth gushed about husband Howard Stern for Extra TV quite some time ago, citing her own work with HGTV, building “Mom Caves” for particularly special wives and mothers, as nominated by their husbands. When asked if she would ever need a mom cave of her own, she told interviewers that the couple were so far content with their adopted pets.

But that’s not all star celeb Howard Stern is known for doing, even if he keeps his charity work largely under the radar. [We can’t really blame the self-styled “King of All Media” for sticking to his reputation of being sleazy and mean, if that means he can donate his time and resources to charity.] This green celebrity is also known for his work to help cure breast cancer.

Howard Stern auctioned himself, to support the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund, in 2009, according to Charities Blog. The winner got to meet the star celeb himself and spend time in the studio with Howard Stern and his staff. And the proceeds of the auction were donated to the trust fund to help women in need. And why? Howard Stern lost his former wife to breast cancer in 1994.

And, if the truth be heard, this green celebrity is also known for supporting the fight against HIV and AIDS, helping out a quadriplegic man, and supporting African refugees. He may be a sleaze for the audience who expects it of him, but this guy has a bright green heart.

That’s worth giving the guy some free press for doing good deeds for sure — even if he does have a tendency to pick on people with weight issues by calling them fatties. Love Howard Stern or hate him, at the very least you have to admit he’s using his star power wisely at least for the sake of a few worthy causes that show in his heart he really is a bit of a humanitarian.

Cheers to star celebs who do good deeds — no matter how they keep their star light shining on radio, in movies, or on TV.



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