Leonardo DiCaprio: Green celebrity taking a break from acting, why?


Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been the talk of Hollywood social circles since he decided to play a brutal antagonist in Quentin Tarantino’s new movie “Django Unchained”. While many people on the Internet have been talking about the controversial character portrayal and the fact he’s decided to take a hiatus from acting. According to celebrity interview quotes he gave E! Online that were posted Jan. 22, he’s most likely planning to keep himself busy focusing on helping support environmentally friendly and humanitarian causes. And while some celebrity gossip sources say he is retiring at the age of 38, Leo himself does not seem to be saying that at all — he’s simply taking some down time to recollect his soul after playing several truly difficult movie roles. He’s also planning to spend more time doing work for his various celebrity-endorsed charities.

Green celebrity Leonardo DiCaprioOne of America’s most charitable star celebs, he is more than a movie star. Leo — a former child star — has grown up to be an exceptional man. Back in 2010, he donated a million dollars to earthquake relief efforts and another million dollars to the Wildlife Conservation Society. DiCaprio established his own foundation with a goal of a “sustainable future for our planet and all of its inhabitants.”

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation also supports the Natural Resources Defense Council, which brings over a million members together to fight for the environment. They also support Global Green USA  and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  But environmental charities and non-profit organization are not the only charitable organizations that tug at his heart-strings. While he was working on the movie “Blood Diamond”, DiCaprio worked with SOS Children’s Villages  in Maputo, Mozambique.

But what made him into the man he is today? Why is he so passionate about giving back help care for the planet, animals, and citizens of the global community? It’s simple. Leonardo DiCaprio is a hard-working individual who was raised with the strong moral support of his left-leaning family.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born to former comic book artist George DiCaprio and Irmelin DiCaprio on November 11, 1974. He has an older stepbrother, actor Adam Farrar. DiCaprio had an alternative lifestyle upbringing combined with good schools in  Los Angeles, California.

His parents recognized his talent and gave him an early start as a child actor. He had early television roles with “The Roseanne Show” and “Family Matters”. His film career started with “Critters 3”. From there, DiCaprio went straight to the top and to his greatest role in “Titanic”.

Since then, DiCaprio has portrayed some of history’s most disturbed icons and tortured beings, including J. Edgar Hoover and Howard Hughes. He is currently creating loud buzz with his role as a deviant slave owner in “Django Unchained” and will soon take on the role of Jay Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby”.

And through it all, he amassed film credits money cant buy. Fortunately, he does not relate to the worst of his character — like the Southern gentry land holder who was born into a life of wealth and rich heritage. Lucky Leo earned his own star power.

According to the Toronto Sun, DiCaprio recently talked about his plantation owner character in Django Unchained, “There was absolutely nothing about this man that I could identify with. I hated him. It was one of the most narcissistic, self-indulgent, racist, horrible characters I’ve ever read in my entire life.”

He has had an on-and-off relationship with beautiful Israeli actress Bar Refaeli that ended in 2011. DiCaprio has date actress Margot Robbie, star of “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Blake Lively — the “Gossip Girls” star who recently married another environmentally friendly political activist and Hollywood movie star Ryan Reynolds.

To learn more about causes actor Leonardo DiCaprio supports, visit www.leonardodicaprio.com. Hopefully, there will be a new message from the actor published soon that he will be returning to acting — but until he does, all the charitable people of the world who respect his contributions to society will be sitting back, watching him work miracles in his everyday life that he is able to accomplish because of his fame and fortune, and applauding.


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