American Idol Scotty McCreery has a bromance crush on NFL star Tim Tebow


There is nothing more American than Apple Pie, American Idol, and watching NFL football. This week, there is good news about two of the three. While there is no dirt to dish on the delicious dessert, there is some juicy gossip to report about American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and the Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Want to know more about the star celebs and what the teen scene celebrity singer has been tweeting about the twenty-something Christian celebrity athlete?

Who is Tim TebowBefore you get your hopes up there might be a celebrity scandal brewing (like finding out the male celeb couple are dating), keep reading. American Idol winner Scotty McCreery fan might not be a fan of the Denver Broncos, but he certainly had flattering things to say about Tim Tebow while he watched football on Sunday January 9th, 2012.

Tebow’s name went on fire when presidential hopeful Rick Perry (the suspected gay Governor of Texas) gave him big props during the presidential GOP debates a few weeks ago. The republican tried to compare himself to the winner — but fumbled in his speech again. After trying to come off as cute, Christian, and quick-witted he botched his attempt at glib jibe.

Scotty McCreery pulled of complimenting Tim Tebow the right way, however. The tech savvy teen used Twitter to send a message of support out to the Broncos famously Christian and anti-gay male QB. His machismo and bromance crush remain (paradoxically) intact.

Using @ScottyMcCreery to send out his well wishes, Scotty McCreery wrote, “real happy for Tim Tebow! Not a bronco fan, but a Tebow fan. Anybody that doesn’t like him apparently just doesn’t like winners…” using Tweetbot for iPhone.

[And no — he forgot to add the hashtag #WINNING made so popular in 2011 by actor Charlie Sheen.]

Who is Tim Tebow, you might ask while wondering why the country music singer is such a big fan? He’s a celebrity athlete with an extraordinary career and family history.

Barely in his twenties, he is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, the NFL team. The football player was a first round draft pick. He’s been the starting QB since the sixth game of 2011. He held the Southeastern conference all time records for career passing efficiency and total rushing touchdowns. He is to the game of football what McCreery was on the American Idol stage — while other competitors like Lauren Alaina wished they were as good as him, no one could compete seriously.

[Except perhaps James Durbin — but his vocals would have won awards if we were comparing his heavy metal vocals to a hockey fight or brawl at WWE.]

Tebow is a controversial figure in the NFL because he uses his star power to endorse controversial Christian groups like Focus On The Family. He did a superbowl commercial for them — knowing full well their main mission in life was to rally against abortion and overturn the Roe. V. Wade decision as well as to prevent gays and lesbians from being treated as American citizens with equal rights. The whole publicity ploy has brought right wingers out of the woodwork defending his good deeds while left leaning football fans are left feeling a bit awkward about how to best support him while cheering for the team (not his political beliefs).

The Tebow family are known for their Evangelist association and missionary work that seeks to convert new followers in the Philippines. His mother chose to risk her life to have him despite risks to her own health associated with the pregnancy. The QB is 22 years old.

Still a teen, McCreery himself has not come out endorsing right-wing extremist groups that gay bash or rally against the medical rights of women, but he has grown up a Christian raised to treat people respectfully. Rather than speaking out as loudly as Tom Tebow in support of organizations that aim to subvert fundamental human civil rights directly, the rising country music star (instead) spends his time volunteering for humanitarian charities.

For instance, McCreery did not spend the holidays with rumored girlfriend Lauren Alaina [no, the two are not dating] or hanging out with his high school buddies in North Carolina. He spent the Christmas holidays in 2011 working to help improve the life of impoverished children living in the Dominican Republic while he was there on a missionary-type trip (to help rather than convert the kids and their parents).

Taste of Country reports:

Instead of chilling out in his native Garner, N.C. for the whole holiday season, Scotty McCreery headed to the Dominican Republic for a bit to personally deliver gift boxes to needy and impoverished children. The selfless singer shared a couple pictures from his trip via Twitter … when he was able to get internet service, that is!

McCreery was as active as he could be on Twitter during his trip, helping to spread the news about the charity he is supporting. He wrote: “Found some wifi at lunch.. Haha. Such an incredible time already today! Gave out boxes n had the chance to donate a guitar to the church!”

Want to know more about the global community outreach program Scotty McCreery support during his free time when he is volunteering? Here’s how to help Operation Christmas Child, which helps organize and fund the world’s largest Christmas project.

While we are in no way bashing Tim Tebow for his religious beliefs, we do think there is a right way and a wrong way to help children. Scotty’s way — of tending to the very real needs of so many children in an overpopulated world first and then turn to talk of religion — makes him (in this writers humble opinion) the “go team Hollywood” leader.

That way, children and parents he helps and whose lives he touches in a positive manner are the winners — while the moral decision about whether or not to have a child remains the decision of the woman who has to carry the baby and his name (as an American Idol) stays out of political or civil rights controversy. Verbal neutrality backed by proof of making a positive contribution to society, in that sense, is a winning strategy.

Feel free to agree or disagree — but either way, keep cheering and praying for Tim Tebow and Scotty McCreery to do good deeds and ultimately [in their respective careers] continue to succeed. They are both good boys walking their own unique life paths — and whatever the fates or God has them doing, we wish both good sports the best of everything.

Now only one pertinent question remains — ladies (or gents), would you rather date Tim Tebow or Scotty McCreery?


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